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In this glossary, we have collected all possible Cricket Terms, rules, terms and conditions of the game of cricket. Knowing the conditions of the game of cricket will allow you to bet on cricket more confidently, as well as use cricket tips (advices) and predictions. We explain what certain words mean and how they are used in cricket. Terms are added periodically, so this section is dynamic. The words in the list are arranged in alphabetical order, some of them overlap in meaning with each other.

A Across the line Agricultural shot Air All Out All-rounder Amateur Anchor Appeal Approach Arm ball Around the wicket Ashes Asking rate Attacking field Attacking shot Away swing (out swing) B Back foot Back foot contact Back foot shot Back spin Backing up Backlift Bad light Badger Baggy green Bail Ball Ball tampering Bang (It) In Bat Bat-pad Batsman Batting Batting average Batting collapse Batting for a draw Batting order Beach cricket Beamer Beat the bat Beehive Beer match Belter Bend your back Benefit season Best bowling Biffer Bite Blob (duck) Block Block hole Blocker Bodyline (or fast leg theory) Boot Hill Bosie or Bossy (googly) Bottom hand Bounce out Bouncer Boundary Bowl-out Bowled Bowled around the legs Bowled out (all out) Bowler Bowling Bowling Action Bowling action or action Bowling analysis Bowling analysis or bowling figures Bowling at the death (death overs) Bowling average Box Brace Break Buffer bowling (cafeteria bowling) Bump ball Bumper Bunny (rabbit) Bunsen Buzzer (overthrows) Bye C Call Cameo Cap Captain (also Skipper) Carrom ball Carry Carry the bat Cartwheel Castled Catch Caught Century Chance Charge Check upstairs Cherry Chest on Chin music Chinese Cut Chinmap and Chop on Chuck Circle Clean Bowled Club Club cricket Collapse Come to the Crease Competitive Women’s Cricket Compulsory close Contrived circumstances Conventional swing Cordon Corridor of uncertainty County cricket Cover or the covers Cow corner Cow shot Crease and cricketer Cross the rope Cross-bat shot Cut Cutter D D / L or DLS Daddy hundred Daisy cutter Dancing (down the pitch) Day/night cricket Dead ball Dead bat Dead rubber Death bowler Death overs (also slog overs) Death rattle Debenture Decision Review System (DRS) Declaration Declaration bowling Deep Defensive field Delivery Devil’s number Diamond duck Dibbly dobbly Dilscoop Dinner Dipper Direct hit Dismissal Dobbing Doctored pitch Dolly Donkey drop Doosra Dorothy Double Drag Drop-in pitch Dropper Duck Duck under delivery Dugout E Eagle-eye Economical Economy rate Edge Eleven End End of an innings Expensive Express pace Extra Extra cover F Face of the bat (full) Fall Fall the wicket Farm the strike Fast bowling Fast leg theory Feather Featherbed Fence Fer Ferret Fielder Fielding Fill-up game Find the gap Fine Finger spin First change First eleven First innings points First-class cricket Fishing Five-wicket haul Flamingo shot Flash Flat hit Flat pitch Flat throw Flat-track bully Flick Flight Flipper Floater Fly slip Follow on Follow through Footmarks Footwork Form Forty-five Forward defence Four Four wickets Fourth stump Free hit French cricket French cut Fritz Front foot Front foot contact Front foot shot Fruit salad Full length Full pint Full toss Furniture G Gardening Getting one’s eye in Give (it) the treatment Given man Glance Glove Glovemanship (also glovework) Golden Duck Golden Pair (King Pair) Good length Googly Gouging Gozza Grafting Green top Grip Groundsman (or curator) Grubber Guard Gully H Hack Half century Half Tracker Half volley Handled the ball Harrow drive Hat-trick Hat-trick ball Hawk-Eye (or Eagle-Eye) Heavy roller Helicopter shot Helmet Hip Clip Hit the ball twice Hoick Hold up an end Hole out Hoodoo Hook Hoop in cricket Howzat or How’s that? Humpty Hutch I In In / out field In-cutter Incoming batsman Indian spin quartet Infield Innings Inside Out Inswinger It’s (just) not cricket J Jack Jaffa Jockstrap K Keep wicket Keeper King Pair Knuckleball Kolpak Kwik cricket L Lappa LBW Leading Edge Leave / cricket shot Left arm Left-arm orthodox spin Left-arm unorthodox spin Left-hand Leg cutter Leg glance Leg side Leg slip Leg spin Leggie Length Life Light Limited overs match List A cricket Lob bowling Lolly Long hop Long Off Long on Long stop Loop Loosener Lost ball Lower order Lunch M Maiden over Maker’s name Man of the Match Manhattan Mankand Manufacturer Marillier shot Match fixing Match referee Maximum Meat of the bat Mecca of cricket Medium-pace Michelle Mid-off Mid-on Mid-wicket Middle of the bat Middle order Military medium Milking Mine Mis-field Mullygrubber N Negative bowling Nelson Nervous nineties Net run rate Nets New ball Nibble Nightwatchman No No ball No man’s land No results Non-striker Not out Nothing shot Nurdle O Obstructing the field Occupying the crease Odds match Off break Off cutter Off side Off spin Off the mark Off theory Offer the light On a length On side On striker On the P Pace bowling Paddle scoop Paddle sweep Pads Pair Part-time bowler Partnership Pavilion Pea Roller Peach Pegs Perfume ball Pfeiffer Pick Pick of the bowlers Picket fences Pie Chucker Pinch hitter Pitch Pitch (It) Up Pitch map Placement Play and miss Playing on Playing time Plumb Point Point Of Release Pongo Popper Popping crease Pro20 Pro40 Protected area Pull Pursuit Push Put down Q Quarter seam Quick Quota Quotient R Rabbit Rain delay Ramp shot Red Cherry Referral Release Required run rate Reserve day Rest day Result Retire Reverse sweep Reverse swing Rib tickler Right arm Ring field Road Rogers Roller Rotating the strike Rough Round the wicket Roundarm bowling Royal Duck RpW ratio / Quotient Run Run Chase Run out Run rate Run up Runner Runscorer or run scorer S Safe Sandshoe Crusher Sawn off Scorer Scramble seam Seam Seam Bowling Seamer Season Selector Sent in Series Shelled a Dolly Shepherd The Strike Shooter Short Short of a length Short Stop Short-pitched Shot Shoulder Arms Side on Sight screen Silly Single Single wicket Sitter Sixer / Six Skiddy Skier Skipper Skyline Slash Sledging Slice Slider Slingy Slip Slip catching cradle Slog Slog overs Slog sweep Slow left armer Slower ball Snickometer Soft hands Soft hands (fielding) Specialist Spectacles Spell Spider Graph / Wagon Wheel Spin bowling Spirit of cricket (or spirit of the game) Splice Square Square leg Square-cut Stand Standing up Start Steaming in Sticky Dog Sticky wicket Stock ball Stock bowler Stock delivery / stock ball Stodger Stonewaller Stranded Strangled Strike Strike bowler Strike rate Striker Stroke Stump Stump-cam Substitute Sundry Super Over SuperSub Surrey Cut Sweep Sweet spot Swing Swish Switch hit T Tail Tail-ender Tampering Tape Ball Target Tea Teesra Ten-wicket match Test cricket (also Test match) Textbook shot Third man Third umpire in cricket Through the gate Throwing Tice Tickle Tie Tied down Timber Timed match Timed out Timeless match Timing Toe-crusher Top edge Top order Top spin Toss Tour Tour match Track Triggered Trimmer Trundler Turn Turn blind Tweaker Twelfth Man Twenty20 Two U Umpire Umpire Decision Review System Uncapped Under-spin Underarm Unorthodox Unplayable Delivery Upper Cut Uppish V V / Vee Variation Vatta Village or Village cricket W Waft Wag Wagon wheel Wait Walk Walking in Walking wicket Wash out Wearing wicket Wicket Wicket maiden Wicket-keeper-batsman Wicket-to-wicket Wickets in hand Wide Wide ball Wisden Women’s cricket Worm Wrist spin Wrong ‘un Wrong foot Y Yes Yips Yorker

Cricket Terms, Definitions and Conditions: Cricket Glossary, Thesaurus

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Cricket Terms, Definitions, Conditions and Rules

Every person who likes absolutely any kind of sport wants to know absolutely everything about it. Of course, we can talk endlessly about the whole sport. Our task is to understand cricket. We have already written about the basic laws and definitions. In this article, we will try to understand the specific phrases and terms of the popular game. To do this, we will use a book already written by a linguist – Michael Rundell, The Wisden Dictionary of Cricket and some other sources of cricket terms.

Cricket Terms

Dictionary of Cricket: cricket Terms

Michael Rundell is an English linguist and lexicographer and honorary doctorate from Coventry University. He was one of the first to move reference resources from print media to digital. Since the 1980s, he has been writing and editing numerous vocabulary projects. Thanks to Michael, the 3rd edition of The Wisden Dictionary of Cricket was published in 2006. We will talk about it mainly in this article.

Before you start writing phrases and definitions, there are two important notes. First, the words will not only come from Michael Rundell’s book. Secondly, they will go in random order (not alphabetically).

Cricket Terms: FAQ
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