Left-arm orthodox spin

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Left-arm orthodox spin

A left-arm orthodox spin or slow left-arm orthodox spin bowling is a type of ball rotation technique serving with the left hand when the bowler spins the projectile with his fingers from right to left (if viewed from the point of view of the server).

Left-arm orthodox spin: about spin bowling type

The left-arm orthodox refers to the category of attacking techniques. Players using this service technique are trying to create all conditions for the ball to drift in the air, becoming an obstacle to hit a right-handed batsman. The basic pitch for the left-arm orthodox spin is the left-arm spinner.

The main variations of the left-arm orthodox spin serve are considered topspinner (turns less and bounces higher), the arm ball or floater (does not turn and drifts in the direction of the right-handed bowler), as well as the doosra version of the left-arm spinner with a turn in the opposite direction.

Notable left-arm orthodox spin bowlers

Among the players who have achieved the greatest success in this area are Rangana Herath, Daniel Vettori, Derek Underwood, Bishan Singh Bedi, Ravindra Jadeja.

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Left-arm orthodox spin: what you need to know

How to make this spin?

Left-arm orthodox spin is bowled by a left-arm bowler using the fingers to spin the ball from right to left of the cricket pitch (from the bowler's perspective).

What kind of techniques Left-arm orthodox spin?

The left-arm orthodox refers to the category of attacking techniques. The drift and turn in the air are attacking techniques. The stack delivery of a left-arm orthodox spin bowler is the left-arm orthodox spinner.

What is the major variations of a left-arm orthodox spin?

The major variations of a left-arm orthodox spin bowler are the topspinner, the arm ball and the left-arm spinner's version of a doosra.

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