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1win Promo Code in July 2024

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Are you looking for a sports betting company? Or julybe you want to play in a casino? Or are you making large-scale plans and would not mind starting the gambling season with a large cashback? 1win Promo Code ISPORT will give you three bonuses at once: 500% on bets and casinos, as well as cashback up to 30%. We share the instructions for activating the promotion.

1win promo code ISPORT
1win sports deposit bonus up to $2000
1win casino bonus up to $2000
1win poker bonus up to $2000
1win cashback up to 30%
1win Promo Code - Welcome Bonus
1win Promo Code – Register and Get a Welcome Bonus

1win Promo Code: bonuses for India (July 2024)

Why do I need to enter 1win Promo Code upon registration? The answer to this question is simple: to get bonuses. In the table below, you can see what privileges will be granted to the player who specified the ISPORT code in the registration form of the questionnaire.

Bonus size 1win Promo Code
Bonus for bets 500% up to $2000 ISPORT
Ordinary bets up to $2000 ISPORT
Express bets up to $2000 ISPORT
Bonus for casino 500% up to $2000 ISPORT
Cashback up to 30% ISPORT

Based on the data in the table, the player receives three rewards at once for using one 1win Promo Code. In the text below, we will explain in detail how to activate each of the bonuses.

1win Promo Code upon registration: where to enter

Each welcome bonus in 1win has its own activation conditions, but all three rewards have one thing in common – an obligatory entry of a promo code at the stage of registration on the official site of the company.

1win Promo Code upon registration is entered in the form of a questionnaire. At the time of writing, the platform offered two options for creating a game account:

  • Quick registration.
    In this case, the player must select the currency of the account, indicate the mobile phone number, e-mail and password. To enter a bonus combination, click on the word “Promo code” and enter the ISPORT code in the line that appears.
  • Registration via social networks.
    This method involves authorization on the bookmaker’s website through a previously created profile in one of the social networks. The player will need to enter a username and password from the selected site, indicate the account currency and 1win Promo Code ISPORT.

After registering a game account, be sure to enter your personal account to fill in your personal data, activate your phone number and email address.

1win Promo Code Upon Registration

1win Promo Code: 500% deposit bonus

The first bonus that 1win Promo Code gives in 2024 applies to the deposit and allows you to get up to $2000 to play at the expense of the company. The welcome reward is distributed among the first four top-ups in the following way:

  1. First deposit: 200% of the amount of the first replenishment.
  2. Second deposit: 150% of the amount of the second replenishment.
  3. Third deposit: 100% of the amount of the third replenishment.
  4. Fourth deposit: 50% of the fourth replenishment amount.

The maximum bonus amount for each deposit is $500.

In practice, the deposit bonus works like this: for the first time, the player replenishes the game account (suppose $100), for which 1win gives a 200% bonus ($200). In total, the user receives $300 as a reward. If the account is refilled again, the deposit amount will be increased by 150% and so on in accordance with the list above.

How to make a deposit? This is even easier than registration with 1win Promo Code. After authorization on the site, click on the green button with the text “Top up in 1 click”. Then select the appropriate method for the transaction (remember that the selected system must be suitable for withdrawing funds), indicate the amount you want to transfer to the game account and enter the payment details.

1win Promocode: Welcome Bonus

1win Promo Code: how to win back the bonus for bets

The 500% deposit bonus given by the 1win Promo Code goes to both the sports betting bonus account and the casino. You cannot immediately use the reward. Firstly you must fulfill the conditions of the company and win back the funds received.

The decision in which section to win back the bonus remains with the player. Fans of sports betting can bet, and gamblers can have fun at the casino. Company policy does not prohibit playing in two sections at the same time. Important: the wagered amount is immediately available for use-withdrawal, further bets or games.

How do I fulfill my bonus account by betting on sports? To win the funds, the following parameters are set:

  • type of bet: single;
  • type of sport: any;
  • coefficient: from 3 and higher.

In case of victory, the player will receive an additional 5% of the bet amount from the bonus account to the main balance. Let us consider the process of winning back 1win Promo Code by example. Suppose that the player’s main game account is $1000, and the bonus account is $2000. The player makes a bet of $100 with a coefficient of 3.0 for the victory of his favorite cricket team. Bet wins.  As a result, the better will win:

$100 (bet amount) x3 (odds) = $300 (winnings) + 5 (5% of the bet amount) = $305

As a result, an amount of $1305 is formed on the player’s main account, and $1995 on the bonus account.

1win Promo Code: Choose Your Game

Step-by-step examples of wagering 1win Welcome Bonus on Sports Betting

The easiest way to understand the essence of wagering a cash bonus is to use specific examples. Let’s look at several options with different amounts.

1win Promo Code: Example 1 of wagering a Welcome Bonus

  • Step 1 – Registration.
    Register on the website in a convenient way for you with 1win Promo Code ISPORT. How to do this is indicated above in the text.
  • Step 2 – Making a deposit.
    We top up the account for $500, for example.
  • Step 3 – Getting a Bonus.
    In accordance with the rules, a 200% bonus in the amount of $1000.
    Total: Main account: $500. Bonus account: $1000.
  • Step 4 – Making a bet.
    We place a bet with a coefficient (odds) of at least 3.0 on any event. We bet $500 from the Main account on a cricket match, odds – 3.5.
  • Step 5 – Our bet wins!
    The bet wins, we get to the Main account: $500 x 3.5 = $1750.
  • Step 6 – Bonus accrual.
    We receive 5% of the bet amount from the Bonus account: $500 x 5% = $25.
    Total: Main account: $1750 + $25 = $1775. Bonus account: $1000 – $25 = $975.

Thus, having replenished the account with $500, at the moment we have $2750 in total on both accounts.

1win Promo Code: Example 2 od a refund of Bonus

  • Step 1 – Registration.
    Registration is easy and fast. It is important to follow the promo link and do not forget to enter ISPORT the 1win Promo Code in the special field.
  • Step 2 – First Deposit.
    We make a 1st Deposit to the Main account: $200, for example.
  • Step 3 – Bonus is awarded.
    For the 1st deposit we get a 200% to the Bonus account: $200 x 200% = $400.
    Total: Main account: $200. Bonus account: $400.
  • Step 4 – Second Deposit.
    We make a 2nd Deposit to the Main account: $500.
  • Step 5 – Bonus for the 2nd Deposit.
    For the 2nd Deposit, 150% is credited to the Bonus account: $500 x 150% = $750.
    Total: Main account: $200 (1st dep.) + $500 (2nd dep.) = $700. Bonus account: $400 (1st dep. bonus) + $750 (2nd dep. bonus) = $1150.
  • Step 6 – Making the 1st bet.
    Bet amount: $400, Odds: 3.2.
    Total: Main account: $300. Not played: $400. Bonus account: $1150.
  • Step 7 – Result of the 1st bet.
    If the bet wins, we get on the Main account: $400 x 3.2 = $1280.
  • Step 8 – Bonus account -> Main account.
    We get 5% from the bet amount to the Main account: $400 x 5% = $20.
    Total: Main account: $300 + $1280 + $20 = $1600. Bonus account: $1150 – $20 = $1130.
  • Step 9 – Making the 2nd bet.
    Bet amount: $600, Odds: 3.7.
    Total: Main account: $1000. Not played: $600. Bonus account: $1130.
  • Step 10 – Result of the 2nd bet.
    The Bet Wins, the wins is: $600 x 3.7 = $2220.
  • Step 11 – We return 5% from the Bonus account.
    We return 5% of the amount of the 2nd bet to the Main account: $600 x 5% = $30.
    Total: Main account: $1000 + $2220 + $30 = $3250. Bonus account: $1130 – $30 = $1100.

In the second example, we looked at how to get a 1win Welcome Bonus by making two deposits. And also how to win back bonuses by making several bets. As a result, after making two deposits totaling $700, after two bets, we received $4350 on the two accounts.

1win Promo Code: Winning Back
1win Promo Code: Winning Back

1win Promo Code: how to win back a bonus for a casino

As mentioned earlier, you can wager a reward not only on sports bets, but also in casinos. According to the rules, funds from the bonus balance are automatically transferred to the user’s main gaming account if he lost money in gambling. Unlike sports betting, the wagering of bonus funds in the casino does not depend on successful bets, but on the money lost. Bonus funds are a kind of reward for failure in the casino.

Let’s take the same example for consideration. The main account of the player is $1000, the bonus account is $2000. The user loses $50 per day in the casino. The next day, the company transfers the main balance of 3% of the bonus funds (i.e. $60).

Please note that the refund does not come from the lost amount, but from the amount on the bonus account. Only the percentage of the refund depends on the lost funds.

The table shows comparisons of lost funds for yesterday’s day and the percentage of refund from the bonus account:

Amount of the Loss Refund percentage
1win Promo Code for Casino: ISPORT
from $65 to $264 1%
from $265 to $649 2%
from $650 to $1299 3%
from $1300 to $6599 4%
from $6600 to $9199 5%
from $9200 to $12999 10%
from $13000 20%

Example of the wagering of funds in the casino

Let’s look at how the 1win Promo Code is winning back at the casino.

  1. We are registering with 1win Promo Code ISPORT in a convenient way.
  2. We make the 1st Deposit, for example, $2000.
  3. We get a Welcome Bonus for the 1st Deposit 200% or $4000.
  4. We top up the Main account again (2st Deposit), for example, $1000.
  5. The Welcome Bonus for the 2nd Deposit is 150% or $1500.
  6. Total: Main account: $2000 + $1000 = $3000. Bonus account: $4000 + $1500 = $5500.
  7. On the first day, the loss at the casino was $1500.
  8. For tomorrow, the player will receive a refund from the bonus account of 4% (according to the table) or $5500 x 4% = $330.
  9. Total: Main account: $3000 – $1500 + $330 = $1830. Bonus account: $5500 – $330 = $5170.
  10. On the second day, the player won $1650. Main account: $1830 + $1650 = $3480. Bonus account is unchanged.
  11. On the third day, the loss was $300.
  12. Refund from the Bonus account on the next day: 2% or $5170 x 2% = $103.4.
  13. Total: Main account: $3480 – $300 + $103.4 = $3283.4. Bonus account: $5170 – $103.4 = $5066.6.

And so forth.

Thus, in the example, we saw that the amount of the loss was not $1800, but thanks to the returned bonus (+ $433.4) it decreased and became $1366.6 ($1800 – $433.4).

1win Promo Code: cashback up to 30%

The third bonus is cashback. It is given by 1win Promo Code upon registration, the amount of cashback july be up to 30 %. The bonus offer applies to all casino games from the “Slots” category.

What determines the size of the cashback? According to the rules, the percentage depends on the sum of all the player’s bets in slots during the week. The calculation takes into account only the lost real money. Funds are credited to the main gaming account every Saturday at 00:00.

It should be added that you do not need to perform any fraud to activate the cashback. The bonus offer activates automatically after entering 1win Promo Code upon registration.

As a result, it should be said that 1win Promo Code ISPORT is an excellent opportunity to become a client of a top international company with additional privileges. The bonuses that the promotional code gives are suitable for both beginners and professionals. The first ones will be able to get used to the world of gambling entertainment, practically without spending real money. The second ones will be able to assess the level of services of the new site and make good money at the start.

The table shows information about the conditions of the loyalty program with cashback up to 30% (only “Slots”):

Cashback value Amount of the bets for 7 days Maximun cashback
1win Promo Code for CashBack: ISPORT
1% from $1300 $40
2% from $4000 $50
3% from $6500 $65
4% from $10500 $100
5% from $13000 $195
10% from $130000 $260
20% from $250000 $400
30% from $650000 $650

Sometimes the conditions for using the promo code change and we try to inform the players about it as quickly as possible.

1win Promo Code: FAQ
What 1win Promo Code should I enter on the website upon registration?
What bonus will I get for registering with the 1win Promo Code?
How can I use the 1win Welcome Bonus?
Do I need to winning back the Welcome Bonus?
Can I get the 1win Welcome Bonus if I was registered earlier?
Where can I use the 1win Welcome Bonus?

How can use 1win Promo Code?

The bookmaker 1win offers several options for using the 1win Promo Code ISPORT: for sports betting, in the casino and for receiving cashback.

1win Promo Code

ISPORT Expires: 31.12.2023
Bookmaker: 1win
Go to 1win

1win Promo Code for Sports Betting Bonus up to 500%

1win Promo Code can be used to place sports bets. To do this, register with the 1win Promo Code, make 4th deposits, get a Welcome Bonus of up to $2000 (200000 ₹) and use bonus funds for sports betting.

1win Promo Code

ISPORT Expires: 31.12.2023
Bookmaker: 1win
Go to 1win

1win Promo Code for Casino Bonus up to 500%

To use bonus funds for playing at the casino, you need to register with 1win Promo Code, make 4th deposits and get bonuses, play from the main account and win back bonus money.

1win Promo Code

ISPORT Expires: 31.12.2023
Bookmaker: 1win
Go to 1win

1win Promo Code for CashBack up to 30%

Cashback up to 30% is valid only for casino games in the Slots category. The percentage increases every week from 1 to 30% and depends on the total amount of bets. To get cashback, you need to register with 1win Promo Code

How to get and use the bonus with 1win Promo Code

Welcome Bonus only available for new customers who followed the link from this site and used the 1win Promo Code ISPORT upon registration.

Go to 1win website using the promo link

The welcome bonus will be available when you click on the promo link from the site iSPORT.in


Open the registration form on the 1win website

Open the registration form on the 1win website

Usually, the registration form opens automatically when you first visit the 1win site


Fill in the registration fields

Fill in the registration fields 1win

Enter the data in the fields "Phone number", "E-mail" and " Password"


Enter 1win Promo Code: ISPORT

Enter 1win Promo Code: ISPORT

Click on the plus symbol to open the "Promo code" field, enter 1win Promo Code "ISPORT" (without brackets)


Complete 1win Registration

Complete 1win Registration

Click on the green button "Register" to complete registration


Make deposits to receive a bonus 500%

Make deposits to receive a bonus 500%

To get the Welcome Bonus (maximum $2000 or 200000 ₹), you need to make 4 deposits. You can top up your gaming account using bank cards, payment systems, via bank transfer, electronic money and cryptocurrency


Make your First Deposit (bonus 200%)

Make your First Deposit (bonus 200%)

If you want to get the bonus on your first deposit (Welcome Bonus 200%), top up your account up to $250 (or 25000₹)


Make a Second Deposit (bonus 150%)

Make a Second Deposit (bonus 150%)

To receive the next part of the Welcome Bonus in the maximum amount of up to $500 or 50000 ₹ (bonus 150%), top up your account to $333 or 33333 ₹


Third deposit for 1win

Third deposit for 1win

A 100% bonus is awarded for the third deposit. The maximum deposit amount is $500 or 50000 rupees


The fourth (last) deposit for bonus

The fourth (last) deposit for bonus

To complete receiving the 1win Welcome Bonus, you need to make a 4th deposit of up to $1000 or 100000 INR. $500 (50000 rupees) will be credited to the bonus account


Registration with the Welcome Bonus is completed

Registration with the Welcome Bonus is completed

In the example, we showed how to get the welcome bonus amount with 1win Promo Code. You can top up less amounts and receive a bonus at each step (not necessarily 4)

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