Cricket Tips

We have prepared Cricket Tips – free predictions for matches among national teams, as well as cricket clubs in home (domestic) competitions. All Betting Tips are prepared by professional Betting Cricket Advisors and Consultants.

Cricket Tips, Match Predictions, Betting Advices

Cricket Tips

Cricket is a popular sport played and watched by millions of people around the world. Naturally, along with football, hockey or tennis, you can earn money on cricket with the help of sports betting. Bets can be made in 2 formats: online or in advance (before the start of the match). Of course, to be profitable from the rates, you need to know the basic tips and tricks for this game. You will find basic information on what to look for when making a bet and what offers almost any cricket bookmaker offers in our article.

Cricket Predictions
Cricket Predictions

Cricket Predictions – Tips and Tricks

Before writing this material, we carefully studied the game, its rules, competition formats, clubs and professional players. Our team spends a lot of time qualitatively assessing the upcoming cricket game and drawing the correct, and most importantly, beneficial conclusions for everyone! We try to keep track of every famous cricket team’s results in almost all popular championships.

If you decide to bet on your own, take your time. Take some time and find out some basic information about the upcoming game. Here are the top tips and tricks for you:

  1. Weather. An important factor in cricket betting is weather conditions. If a match takes place in almost any weather in football or rugby, then there is no such thing in cricket. Here the weather can play a cruel joke on you. For example, you bet on the clear favorite of the meeting. Your team performs first-class throughout the match. Soon she will win, and your bet will work. However, when there are only a few shots left before the end of the match, it rains heavily, and the game is stopped. So, according to the basic Law of cricket, if the match is stopped due to weather conditions, the game’s result is counted as a draw. And after such an outcome, you can easily lose some of your capital.
  2. Decide on the format of the game. It is important to know that there are 3 main game formats in professional cricket:
    Test cricket (runs from 3 to 5 days);
    ODI cricket (played one day with a limited number of overs – 100);
    Twenty20 cricket (the shortest and most exciting format of the game. Only 40 overs are played per match).
    If you are new to cricket betting and only know the game’s basic rules, then by no means ignore this advice. After all, skipping information about the match format, you can make a common mistake when choosing a bet. For example, simply betting any team to win in test cricket, you will be watching the game for at least 3 days! In addition, clubs prepare for each format differently. And if you know in general that the Australian national team is statistically the best in terms of the number of runs, always check in test matches or one-day matches. This also applies to betting on individual players. Again, each format has a different strategy!
  3. Follow the coin toss (draw). This applies to a greater extent to online betting. Before each match, the referee, in the presence of 2 captains, flips a coin to determine who will be the first to throw and hit the balls. It is also an important reason for how the team will structure their game. For example, you bet on one great batsman that he will score at least n points. And according to the results of the draw, his team will hit the balls 2nd. So, the same player can give his best in the 1st inning to play from the defense when hitting the balls, thereby gaining a few points.
  4. Find out information about the location of the game. At first glance, this recommendation may seem insignificant. Well, what’s the difference on which field the team plays? The main thing is its professionalism. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. It is important to understand that venues around the world can be very different from each other. Different fields greatly affect how well players perform. For example, you are betting on a clear favorite in a match. However, this club played and trained only on high-quality pitches, and now it will play on not very well-prepared pitches. This factor can play against the team itself and you. It is difficult to predict how the club will behave. We believe that this should not be missed.
  5. Assess the status and statistics of the club. Very important advice! When looking at the club’s current information (recent matches, personal meetings, injuries, lineups, etc.), novice bettors, when choosing a bet, simply know and hear that this team or national team has many titles and victories behind it so that it will win today. Of course, you cannot think so.
    Here’s a simple example. You have decided to make a bet on the match Australia – South Africa. Let’s say, due to the world ranking, Australia is the favorite of the match, and you decide to bet on it. However, you missed the point that players from Australia have lost their last 5 meetings, while South Africa has won the last 7 games against different teams. We don’t think that knowing this information, you would easily bet on the Australian national team. Also, knowing the club’s calendar, you can determine whether this match is important for the players or not (maybe the last one of the season and all the results are already known).
  6. Use live broadcasts. If you are a fan of online betting, this advice is definitely for you. Indeed, only in real-time can you determine what to expect from the team and what it is capable of today. But it is worth distinguishing between text online broadcasts and video broadcasts. First, you see the text comments a little later, after the completed action. Secondly, the text will not be able to reflect the state and abilities of a player or a club when all this can be traced in the video. And thirdly, it’s just nice to watch a beautiful game than to read dry online comments.
Tips and Tricks in cricket betting
Tips and Tricks in cricket betting

Cricket Predictions – Most Popular Betting Options

After analyzing a large number of bookmakers, we have collected for you the main predictions that popular bookmakers put up for each cricket game:

  • Winner of the match. Naturally, the most popular rate. However, there are exceptions to every outcome. The game may not end due to bad weather or a problem with the spotlight (at night). If the match ends in a draw, the winner is determined in super-overs (like a penalty kick in football). The game simply ends in a draw, and the teams share the points equally;
  • Best bowler. Bowlers are those players who play overs (serve balls to the bettors). A bet on which player will collect the most wickets knocked out. If the bowlers take the same number of points, then the best is the one who missed the fewest overs;
  • Best Batsman. Batsmen or hitters are players with a bat. Here, everything is simple too. A bet on which player will earn the most points or runs. We recommend choosing the first batsmen who come out early in the game. Because they are usually the most productive players. And if you dare to bet on the last forwards in the lists, then there is a chance that they simply will not come to the match (due to the limited number of overs, or the captain will stop inning, etc.);
  • Taking the wicket. You are offered to choose at what moment the 1st or any other wicket will be destroyed. By the way, there are matches when a team cannot destroy a single wicket;
  • Batsman. In this outcome, you bet on how many points the batsman will score. For example: will Kane Williamson score 40.5 points (over / under);
  • Method of dismissal. In cricket, a batsman can be knocked out in several ways. Bookmaker companies offer the following outcome: knocked out / not knocked out, caught / not caught, etc. Here you need to know the Law of Cricket No. 29 (you can read it on our website) when a player is considered to be eliminated;
  • Other cricket bets. Naturally, depending on which bookmaker you place your bet in, there may be other outcomes for the game. It all depends on the company. It can be a handicap for the game, the exact score, the number of injuries per match, how many balls will fly out of field, etc.

You have looked over the basic tips for cricket betting and what betters are betting on the most. If you did not understand something in the material or think that we did not fully understand this topic, leave your wishes or recommendations on our website.

Cricket Predictions - Most Popular Betting Options
Cricket Predictions – Most Popular Betting Options

It has become easier to make a profitable bet thanks to the ranking section with all information about teams and players.