Popping crease

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Popping crease

A popping crease is one of the markers on the cricket pitch that determines the batsman’s position. Visually represented as a white line that the batsman must not touch in any way. Before the ball is thrown, the popping crease can be either a part of the batsman’s body (the leg that has not crossed the line with the knee) or the bat touching the ground behind the given line. Otherwise, the batsman will be dismissed for violating the boundaries allotted to him.

What is a popping crease?

For understanding. A cricket field is a large playing surface, divided into many areas, each of which has its purpose and a corresponding name. The main area of ​​the field (pitch) is rectangular 22 yards (20.12 meters) long and 3.3 yards (3.66 meters) wide, on which the entire game takes place. Pitch is divided into many smaller sections (batting, bowling, return): the popping crease.

The popping crease is a line located 4 feet (1.22 meters) from the stamps and runs parallel to it. For visual convenience, the popping crease is drawn on the field in a white strip with whitewash or paint. The markings also have their conditions, and lines should not be more than 1 inch in thickness.

In general, there are no specific records of the origin of the popping crease. Its existence was known at the beginning of the 18th century, although initially, it was a symbol on the ground in the form of scratches or cracks defined in front of the gate at each end of the field.

As the game developed, the markers began to turn from scratches into earthen ditches 1 inch deep and wide, and later on – outlined stripes that did not change the structure of the field. Today, specific dimensions are set for the popping crease: a rectangular area of ​​3.05 meters high, 2.44 meters wide, 1.22 meters from the stamp, and 2.44 from the field’s border (popping). Thus, a distance of 17.68 meters is maintained between the popping crease.

The popping crease is an important part of the game. All batsmen, bowlers, outfield players and officials should be aware of her role.

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