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There is no word fritz in the official reference books of cricket terms. This is how the players call the process of taking a wicket or the most knocked out batsman among themselves. What does it mean?

At any professional cricket competition, a wicket-keeper participates from the field team. During the draws, he is behind the wicket and the batsman.

The wicket-keeper is as important as the other players of the team. A lot depends on him. Not only batsmen can catch the ball at 80-90 mph. The wicket-keeper also performs such work. He can catch and knock out a player with a bat in various ways. One of the ways is called as fritz. If we have understood everything correctly, then the word fritz means the following moment: the ball hits the wicket-keeper after serving, and then knocks out the stumps with a bounce from him. As a result, it turns out that the player with the bat is knocked out of the game.

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Nisha Bhavani
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