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Chuck is a wrong throw in cricket by a bowler. A serve is correct when it is made with a straight arm. If the arm is bent at the elbow, then such an action is considered illegal and simply wrong. A bowler who serves with a bent elbow is called a chucker. Why is the throw considered illegal? The distance between the bowler and the batsman is about 20 meters. Therefore, chuck serves are very powerful and can injure players.

If the referees see a chuck serve in official tournaments, they will stop playing on the no ball command, which means plus one run for the batting team.

In general, the word chucker is considered derogatory in cricket. Usually, in training or in cricket schools, in order to prevent the bowler from bending his arm at the elbow, a special brace is put on it. So the player remembers the position of the hand and serves according to the rules.

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Nisha Bhavani
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