Back foot contact

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Back foot contact

We continue to get acquainted with the basic terms of cricket. It is important for a bowler to have good back foot contact. This is the moment when, just before the throw, the player’s back foot lands on the field.

Back foot contact: the basic meaning

In another way, the back leg of the bowler is called a coil. For a cricketer with a striking right hand, the back foot is the right one. Experts advise players to keep their backs and shoulders straight before pushing off the ground. This will help to avoid injuries and other health problems.

For the concept, we also give the meqning of front foot contact. This is the player’s position, in which he touches the ground with his supporting foot and then makes a back foot contact.

Back foot contact: the basic meaning

Back foot contact: how to avoid mistakes

In order to avoid mistakes, there are tips. You can put the body in the correct position for the throw in one of the stages of the bowling action:

  • Side on.The back leg should be parallel to the crease; the hips are located sideways at this moment. The hand free from the throw is in front of the head. The shoulders are positioned at the same level as the hips.
  • Chest on.The back leg goes towards the crease; the hips are parallel to the crease. The hand that is free from the throw is positioned to the side of the head. This way, the shoulders and hips are aligned.
  • Mid-way.The back leg is located between the side on and chest on.

If the back leg of the cricketer is behind parallel to the bowling crease, then the bowler loses speed and momentum when throwing. This is because the back leg bends at the knee. To raise the body to the desired position, additional efforts are required. Mixed action — an action when the bowler fails to align the hips and shoulders during back foot contact.

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