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There are two categories of bowlers in professional cricket – spin-bowlers and pace-bowlers. The first category relies solely on the ball’s spin for its serves, while the second on its speed.

All pace-bowlers can be divided into three groups:

  1. Right / Left Arm Medium;
  2. Right / Left Arm Fast Medium;
  3. Right / Left Arm Fast.

Each group has its own specific characteristics. We will not explain all of them, but only talk about the right/left arm medium (this is the medium-pace).

What is medium-pace? It is believed that these are the slowest feeds from the entire list. The ball speeds up to 60-75 mph for these serves (whereas arm fast serves can reach 90 mph). If bowlers specialize in medium-pace, then they will most likely serve balls such as cutter or swing. With such feeds, the ball unexpectedly changes its trajectory from a rebound from the pitch (read more about cutter and swing in other sections of our site).

Usually, batsmen, if they see and understand that instead of a fast-bowler, a player with a medium-pace technique is coming out, they can relax a little, because the speed of the ball will differ. However, this can also play against them, since we repeat that it is difficult to predict the trajectory of the ball despite the low speed. The only thing that a batsman might initially notice is how the bowler is holding the ball before serving (one of the downsides of medium-pace delivery, since serves are done straight from the hand).

This type of serve is not in great demand in test matches, as it is not the best option for taking the wicket. Medium-paced bowlers will play long matches when the fast-bowler needs a break or just as a substitute.

However, this is not the case for limited overs. The point of the game here is to prevent the opponent from getting as many wounds as possible. Serving with Right / Left Arm Medium helps a lot with this. Here is a list of cricketers who use medium-pace in their pitches:

  • New Zealander Scott Styris;
  • New Zealander Chris Harris;
  • Indian player Irfan Pathan;
  • Englishman Dimitri Mascarenhas;
  • Pakistani player Wasim Akram (played at any pace).

Naturally, you can list the players for a very long time. We tried to outline the main points related to medium-pace. Check out the equally important information about cricket on other pages of our sports site!

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Nisha Bhavani
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