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A cutter is a sharp and fast kind of throw. There are two types of such feed: off cutter and leg cutter.

With an off cutter, the bowler performs a normal wrist serve (index and middle fingers are at the top of the ball). The thumb supports the underside. An off cutter works especially well on uneven surfaces. The ball, hitting such surfaces with a seam, abruptly loses speed and flies off the ground to a small height. If the batsman does not expect such a bounce, the ball can easily destroy the wicket.

The leg cutter differs from the off cutter in that in the 1st case, the index finger is at the very seam of the ball, and in the leg cutter this place is occupied by the middle finger. Therefore, the index finger is on the right side of the seam, and the thumb is still holding the lower side (the hand is turned to face the bowler). Visually, two such feeds practically do not differ from each other. The only thing, due to the different arrangement of the fingers, the ball rotates a little differently. Why is it called leg cutter? Because with such a serve, the ball is at the batsman’s feet, and it seems that the ball is cutting off the legs.

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