Play and miss

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Play and miss

Play and miss – a situation in which the batsman cannot hit the ball. The bowler’s main goal is to score points, while the batsman’s goal is to deal with hitting the projectile. If the batsman has already made a swing / stood in a standing position but then did not hit, then, as a rule, the play and miss is meant.

Modern cricket forces players to adapt to new varieties of serving quickly. However, batsmen do not always manage to cope with it.

The secret to a batting’s success is understanding the game. If the batsman was able to determine the nature of the throw, then calculating the ball’s trajectory is much easier. However, this comes with experience and practice, although experts have repeatedly noted that observation is no less important. The batsman should maintain regular eye contact with the ball as long as it is in the bowler’s hands.

The throw is just a product of what the bowler has done before. In this regard, the batter should be extremely concentrated throughout the entire throwing stage.

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Nisha Bhavani
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