Farm the strike

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Farm the strike

Farm the strike (shepherd the strike or farm the bowling) is a term that refers to the batsman’s desire to earn a lot of overs. Usually, farm the strike sounds in matches when the batsman dominates the bowler and accepts any serves.

In professional games, it is easy to understand if the batsman farm the bowling. This manifests itself in a noticeable set of precisely an even number of wounds. Such a batsman tries to knock the ball as far as possible to earn 4 or 6 runs. The batsman will not overshoot the pitch again if he is not sure that the hit was of good quality (instead of 3 possible runs, he will run 2, etc.). Farm the strike means that the receiving player will try to draw and shoot even the very last ball from the over when most other bowlers don’t.

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Nisha Bhavani
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