Protected area

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Protected area

The protected area is the central part of the field area, defined as “protected”. This rectangular area extends from the middle of the field 2 feet wide and starts 5 feet from each side/popping creases. According to the laws of cricket, the bowler is not allowed to enter this area, or a warning will be issued. Three warnings for this violation will immediately put him out of the game for the rest of the match.

This area is carefully guarded by the judges and protected by special means from the weather. As a rule, it is placed under covers to avoid getting wet from the morning dew and when precipitation appears. The important thing is that weather conditions affect how the ball is bounced off the ground.

In this regard, there is even “Law № 11 on cricket“, which stipulates that the field must be completely closed at night and open as early as possible the next morning before the start of the match. It is recommended to use a special cover for the best protection. If necessary, you can resort to using special water removers.

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