Long Off

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Long Off

Long Off is a variation of the position of the slugger on the field.

The cricketer on the long off point is located at the field’s boundary (boundary), therefore, as far as possible from the batsman. Its location at the bottom of the playing area on the left side (“off (side) leg”) when hitting a right-handed batsman is dictated by the specifics of the throw. The choice of this position is often characterized by statistics indicating the possibility of a batsman hitting a given area if the bowler is throwing full or straight length. In this case, the probability that the ball will go to the long off location is maximum. In addition, the batsmen themselves try to play this position when throwing an off spin.

According to most cricketers, the long off position is one of the most comfortable on the pitch. The main task of the player is to catch the ball directed out of the field. As a rule, for field players, this turns into fairly simple hauls.

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