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Humpty is a terminology used throughout the sport and in cricket, particularly describing an obvious victory for one of the teams. As an example of such a situation, we can recall the Test meeting of Zimbabwe against New Zealand (2016). The result of the fight was so clear that the team from Africa allowed itself to be liberated and held a memorable match to the audience’s delight.

Australia’s two consecutive defeats against Sri Lanka were equally impressive due to high temperatures and humidity throughout the island where the meeting took place. Thus, the term Humpty is used to describe cases where one command has a clear advantage over the other.

As a rule, the reasons for Humpty matches are the different levels of teams. Although the same match between Sri Lanka and Australia could be predicted in favor of the Sri Lankans, cricket connoisseurs know that the representatives of the “green continent” always do not tolerate heat, so their feeds are slow, and the game in general looks uncertain. In this regard, the term humpty can also describe a situation where a more eminent team is defeated by an underdog. The reasons are not important (lack of discipline or motivation in the team, or even excessive self-confidence), the result is important.

It can also be noted that the term Humpty describes comical situations of awkward falling of spectators from the stands. Sometimes such moments have serious consequences for the victims since the vast majority of the stands are concrete and are located above the field level. Excluding these incidents, the remaining cases are characterized by funny falls (humpty), and, as a rule, even get into the highlights of the match. This name is associated with the kid’s poem character Nursery Rhyme, who fell from the wall.

One of the most memorable falls with viewership occurred in 2015 as part of the Tri-Series. The massive fall of spectators from the stands made even the fans of the losing side (the British) laugh.

According to a journalistic investigation, this situation arose due to an obese fan’s attempt to throw a ball that flew into the podium. The awkwardness was so unprecedented that it was televised and generated amusement among viewers of the live match and cricket fans on the internet.

It is worth noting that a real Humpty is never intentional, so it should not be confused with a fan idea or prank.

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Nisha Bhavani
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