Middle order

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Middle order

In cricket matches, each batsman has a sequential number. The batting order is a very important point in cricket. There are no official requirements for who and when should hit the balls. The team captain builds the whole sequence (he can change it during the match).

Typically, the 11 batsmen hitters are divided into three groups:

  • Top order (bats one to three);
  • Middle order (bats four to eight);
  • Tail enders (bats nine to eleven).

The middle order is divided into the upper middle order (bats four and five) and the lower middle order (bats six to eight). Basically, if a batsman comes out from 4 to 8 numbers, he is facing a ball that has already been used (not a new one). Due to this state of the ball, bowlers use a special technique called spin bowling (the ball flies slowly but can sharply change its trajectory after rebounding from the pitch). Therefore, such batsmen must be prepared for any serve.

Usually, generalists come out in the middle order (these are the players who serve and hit the balls well). One of the reasons for this is that generalists get more tired when bowling or defending a wicket. Therefore, the middle order is the most optimal way for such cricketers.

In ODI format masts, middle order batsmen can change their play depending on the captain’s instructions. If the team loses wickets early, then the batsmen should concentrate on defense as much as possible (carefully hitting and, if possible, earning wounds). Conversely, if a team does not need protection, they should try to get as many wounds as possible as quickly as possible (often trying to take 4 or 6 runs at once).

If generalists appear in the middle order, then only the best batsmen of the team play in the top order, while the best bowlers of the collective appear in the tail enders. Actually, because of this, cricket is such an unpredictable and spectacular sport!

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