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This word is used in cricket in two similar meanings. Imagine a situation: a bowler throws a ball that a batsman should hit. Both players try to play in such a way as to bring points to their teams. But someone is unlucky. In this case, the word boundary is applicable.

Boundary: the first meaning

Basically, the boundary is used when they want to talk about the field’s boundaries or about the rope, which is just designed to limit this zone. The main cricket ground is called pitch, and it is rectangular in shape: length – 22 yards (about 20 meters), width – 10 feet (about 3 meters). The pitch is made on a natural earthen lawn, on which very short grass grows.

To prepare the coverage for the match, the organizers need to hire specialists. During the match, the state of the field is monitored by the umpires. If they see that the coverage does not allow them to continue the meeting in comfortable conditions, then it will be suspended. If it turns out that the hosts made mistakes during the preparation for the match, then they can be counted as a technical defeat. Such sanctions are rare. Most often, the judges suggest switching to another pitch.

Boundary: the second meaning

After being hit by a batsman, a ball hits or crosses a boundary that is also called a boundary. The kicking team is awarded 4 runs for such a kick if the ball bounced inside the boundary. If a cricket projectile has crossed the border, then the player can earn 6 runs.


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