Doctored pitch

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Doctored pitch

Why do the hosts usually have an advantage in a match of equal teams in team sports? First, they can count on the support of more fans. Secondly, the doctored pitch factor plays an important role. Match organizers can prepare the lawn in a special way to realize their trump cards and deprive the opponent of his strengths.

Doctored pitch: basic value

The hosts of the match have the opportunity to make the pitch dry and loose. In this case, spin bowlers will have the advantage. If the pitch is made harder, fast bowlers will feel better on it. The term doctored pitch is used pejoratively in cricket. However, it is legal to prepare pitches to suit your strengths.

It takes a lot of time and money to prepare the pitch the way the home team wants. At the same time, the organizers of the fight must understand that the field in all sections must be prepared in the same way (for example, the grass must be of the same height). In case of non-compliance with the conditions, the judges can offer the organizers to change the site. If they do not agree to this step, the receiving team may be awarded a forfeit defeat.

Doctored pitch: scandals

In 2018, Al Jazeera released a film that talked about pitch-fixing in cricket matches. The broadcaster claimed that violations of the rules by the organizers of the meeting were recorded in the test match between India and India. The match took place at the Galle International Stadium in Sri Lanka, where the Indian national team was based. First, the International Cricket Council leaders criticized Al Jazeera for lack of evidence to indicate a violation of the rules. However, the International Cricket Council had to apologize to the TV company a few months later. It turned out that the curator of the Galle International Stadium has been spotted in a doctored pitch more than once. The International Cricket Council managed to find footage from CCTV cameras before the match, which confirmed the accusations against one of the match organizers. No more cases of the doctored pitch have been confirmed by the ICC, although there were still several complaints against the organizers of the meetings.

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