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This word has two meanings in cricket. The first one means a certain position for the batsman when he tries to perform a defensive shot. Also in the world of cricket, the word block is used, speaking about the sections of the field that are preparing for games.

Block: the first meaning

In the arsenal of each high-level batsman there are several strokes, thanks to which he helps his team to score points. Techniques are divided into two categories: vertical-bat strokes and horizontal-bat shots. In turn, in each category, strikes are divided into three types. A defensive shot is one of the vertical-bat strokes. Performing this technique, the athlete makes a big step and, as it were, blocks the throw. This is one of the varieties of a defensive strike, the main purpose of which is to protect against hitting the wicket or the batsman’s body. Cricket experts say that block is performed by “soft hands“. When blocking, either the front leg or the back leg protrudes forward.

Players who often use defensive shots are called pushers (from the word “push”). Pushing is often effective against bowlers who throw the ball powerfully.

Block is most often used by cricketers in Test matches, where there is no need to quickly score runs and there is an opportunity to take a balanced approach to each throw of the batting side.

Block: second meaning

The outcome of the match depends on how well the field is prepared. High-level players like to perform on comfortable lawns, where they can demonstrate the entire arsenal of throws. In bad conditions, the class of cricketers affects less. That is why all the national teams try to coordinate the key points on the preparation of the lawn before full-time matches.


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