Short of a length

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Short of a length

Short of a length (back of a length, short of a good length) –the location of the cricket ball below the ideal length after it bounces off the field’s surface.

If we consider short of a length as a whole, then this is part of the system for determining the length of a bounce, which in general looks like this:

  • bouncer – a ball passing above the level of the batsman’s chest (usually past him);
  • short pitched (short of a length) – rebound below the ideal level;
  • good length – the best option, in which it is difficult for a player with a bat to decide on the support (front or back) of the leg;
  • half-volley – bounce the ball close enough to the batsman so that he does not have to move too far;
  • full toss (full length) – bounce as close to the batsman as possible.

The serve of this level represents maximum efficiency for fans of seam bowling. At the same time, short pitched does not exclude the danger of the ball bouncing into the stomach of a player with a bat.

Stephen Harmison and Glenn McGrath are considered to be among the best players capable of determining the pitch level.

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