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The word cordon in professional cricket means the arrangement of the field players in such a way as to close the area as much as possible, where the ball can fall in case of a poor-quality hit of the batsman. One of the most popular cordons is the place near the wicket-keeper. To do this, the captain of the serving team places 2 or 3 field players near the wicket-keeper, behind or on the batsman’s side. This is done to catch the ball that flies next to the keeper of the wicket.

This is usually the method used in limited-overs format matches. Cordon also has a lot to do with the bowler. He should be as mobile as possible and serve the balls in such a way as to make the batsman hit him very weakly or just hit him.

Fielders who are in cordon are considered the best catchers on the team. They have strong hands and quick reactions. These players are specially trained to move quickly across the field and keep a close eye on the ball. The team captain must not allow a weak team member to pass through the cordon. If he cannot catch the ball quickly, the opponents will have the opportunity to earn a large number of runs. By the way, besides being the best in the team, these outfield players are also the top-tier batsmen in the club.

Rahul Dravid is a former professional Indian cricket player who is considered one of the greatest field players of all time. According to official sources, he was able to catch 31,258 goals in Test championships in his entire career. Besides him, there are other outstanding outfield players. These include:

  • Mark Waugh;
  • Brian Lara;
  • Stephen Fleming;
  • Ian Botham;
  • Younis Khan;
  • Brian McMillan.

And this is not the whole list of distinguished cricketers.

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