Man of the Match

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Man of the Match

Man of the Match is a special award given to the most worthy player of one game. In cricket, two people can get this title at once. There was a registered case when the award was given to 3 cricketers at once. There were also games when all the team players performed well, and the judges granted the award to the entire winning team at once. Read this and other interesting information in our review.

Man of the Match

Usually, in team sports, after the match is called man of the Match. It can be absolutely any player. As a rule, the man of the Match becomes the player who brought a lot of points, goals, etc., for the team.

There is such a reward in cricket. Man of the Match, player of the Match or player of the Series – all these refer to who performed best in a particular match. In cricket competitions, the man of the Match award became the most popular in test matches in the 1980s. It is important to note that a player from the losing team can also get this title!

By the way, the term man of the Match was originally used in cricket, and only then did the phrase spread to other team sports.

The man of the Match award is granted for each game played. A player can become the owner of such a title several dozen times during his entire professional career. Naturally, official statistics are kept to understand who has received such an award and how many times. We will now give the TOP 5 man of the Match from each cricket format. The information is relevant for April 2021.

In the draws of test cricket, the best man’s of the Match of all time are recognized:

Awards Player Team Matches Career
23 Jacques Kallis South Africa 166 1995-2013
19 Muttiah Muralitharan Sri Lanka 133 1992-2010
17 Wasim Akram Pakistan 104 1985-2002
17 Shane Warne Australia 145 1992-2007
16 Kumar Sangakkara Sri Lanka 134 2000-2015

At competitions of the One Day International format, the five man’s of the Match looks like this:

Awards Player Team Matches Career
62 Sachin Tendulkar India 463 1989-2012
48 Sanath Jayasuriya Sri Lanka 445 1989-2011
36 Virat Kohli India 254 2008-present
32 Jacques Kallis South Africa 328 1996-2014
32 Ricky Ponting Australia 375 1995-2012

And the number of man’s of the Match awards at the Twenty20 International status games:

Awards Player Team Matches Career
13 Mohammad Nabi Afghanistan 81 2010-present
12 Virat Kohli India 90 2010-present
11 Shahid Afridi Pakistan 99 2006-2018
10 Mohammad Hafeez Pakistan 99 2006-present
10 Rohit Sharma India 110 2007-present

If we summarize all three formats, then the leader in the overall list will be recognized as a cricketer from India – Sachin Tendulkar (76 awards for 664 matches). Sanath Jayasuriya takes 2nd place (58 awards for 586 matches), and Virat Kohli closes the top three (57 awards for 435 matches).

It is also worth mentioning the general team awards. Sometimes at international competitions, the man of the Match award can be shared between 2 players from the same club or from different sides. In test matches, general awards are rare, which can not be said about ODI and T20I.

By the way, there were also such moments when the whole team received the man of the Match award at once. In the entire history, three matches have been officially registered (one in the test format and two in ODI) •

  • South Africa – West Indies. The test match was played in 1999. South Africa won the game with an advantage of 351 runs. Then the whole team was recognized as the best man’s of the Match (the judges decided that it was advisable to take into account not individual abilities, but team ones);
  • New Zealand – West Indies. The game in the ODI format was held in 1996. Then the New Zealand team won with an advantage of 4 runs (it was awarded);
  • England – Pakistan. Also, another ODI draw was held in 1996. Pakistan was able to beat the England team with a difference of 2 wickets, and the whole team was awarded the title of man of the Match.

People have always believed that cricket is a unique and unpredictable sport. Did you know that there is such a match in the history of cricket when three players received the man of the Match award at once? It happened at a match between New Zealand – Sri Lanka in 1991.

And there was also a case when the man of the Match award was presented not to the players of the match, but to the service staff. In 2000, it rained on the 5th day of the test match between South Africa and New Zealand. The match was supposed to end ahead of schedule, but with the help of the stadium staff under the leadership of Chris Scott, the field was able to cover in time. After the rain, the match continued safely.

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