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Sundry (also Extra) – in professional cricket, a run that was scored/awarded by one of the teams, but at the same time was not recorded on the balance of a particular player. To put it simply, it is a run done in any other way than the classic bat.

The sundry is counted separately and reported as total run, i.e. team run. At the same time, the match, in which there were several sundries, is spoken of as not professional enough, using the untidy bowling refinement. Accordingly, its opposite is considered to be the Tidy bowling – a game with a minimum number of sundry.

There are several basic sundry types, which all have something in common. They were implemented in violation of the rules. There are two main options: either non-compliance with the distance standards when serving, or incorrect placement of the players on the field. Namely:

  • No ball;
  • Wide;
  • Bye;
  • Leg-bye;
  • Penalty run.

The most common reason for declaring the No ball is going out of the line of the popping crisis at the time of serving. At the same time, the rules allow a small spade with spikes in the shoe, but in such a case, the bowler must prove to the judge that at least part of the foot was at the right point (with the introduction of video replays, it became easier to disassemble such episodes).

Another, less rare reason for the No ball is going beyond the return crisis. In addition, it is permissible to declare this type of sundry if the service was deemed to be overtly dangerous for the batsman, or the bowler changed tactics abruptly without warning the referee (for example, changed his working hand or directed the ball so that it bounces off the pitch more than once, before reaching a crisis).

As a rule, after the announcement of the No ball, the battering team is awarded one run. If a batsman manages to issue more than one run, then the second and subsequent runs are credited to his account.

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