Express pace

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Express pace

We continue our acquaintance with the actual terms in cricket. Even though the batsman has the edge, the bowler can always surprise the opponent and earn points for his team. Express pace is a type of fast pace, usually in excess of 150 km / h.

Express pace: basic

According to the classification, bowlers are divided into several types: fast, medium and spin bowlers. Each style has its strengths. Let’s say spin bowlers give the ball different spins, after which the ball flies in an unpredictable trajectory. Sometimes the projectile bounces off the field, which also gives the batsman additional difficulties. Fast bowlers rely on speed and pitch. Of course, making powerful throws is not always justified. High-level bowlers have the ball flying from 130 km / h and above and usually serves with good accuracy. The maximum serve for cricket is considered at a speed of 165-170 km / h.

Note that these are not the fastest ball speeds in team sports. For example, men serve at an average speed of 215-225 km / h in tennis. At the same time, tennis and cricket balls are noticeably different. The projectile used in cricket is larger and heavier. That is why special barriers are built at tournaments in this sport, which prevent the ball from accidentally hitting spectators, players on the bench and the coaching staff. Security measures increased after some of the spectators received nasty bruises.

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