Bump ball

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Bump ball

We continue our acquaintance with the actual terms in cricket. Bump ball is a situation where the ball bounced high off the ground after being hit by the batsman, and a field player catches him in the air. In this case, say clean catch.

Bump ball: the basic meaning

This is one of the most common scenarios used in cricket. When bumping balls, the work of the judges is also important. Previously, the decision whether it was a bump ball or a catch clean was made by the chief arbiter after a meeting with the leg umpire. There were times when batsman left the field, not knowing that there was a bump ball.

In recent years, the decision on the bump ball has been made by the third referee on the field. He has modern technologies at his disposal, thanks to which you can confirm your opinion. Sometimes the referees do not count the bump ball, changing it to a hit wicket because after the batsman hit, the ball did not bounce off the field or did not gain the required height. Sometimes judges need up to half a minute to make the right decision. Players are accustomed to this development of events in matches and react calmly to delays.

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