Half Tracker

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Half Tracker

A Half Tracker is a type of throw, in which the ball lands approximately halfway between the batsman and the bowler, which is why it was given this name. This mechanic is inherent in slow bowlers who rely not on the power of the throw but rather on the effect of surprise. As a result, either the batsman does not cope with the blow, or the ball flies out of the field after being hit.

It is worth noting that the half-tracker is primarily beneficial for the batter because the ball flies so close to the batsman that he does not even have to change position – the blow occurs in a static position. In practice, even the average batsman can handle such a throw, so bowlers try to fool the batsman with surprise. Although the batsman still has concerns, the bowler may shorten the length of the throw (yorker) at the last moment.

One of the most viral videos in cricket history was captured of former India captain Virat Kohli during a warm-up session before the meeting between the Indian national team and the club from Sydney. Kohli just hit a half-hundred streak in the first innings and then took on the half tracker against Harry Nielsen. The Australian player missed the kick, and Umesh Yadav caught the ball. However, the throw impressed Kohli so much that he was filmed running across the field with his hands up in joy.

It can also be noted that from the position of a batter, the half tracker can demonstrate all the grace of the strike, with which David Gower often pampered the audience.

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