Negative bowling

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Negative bowling

A brief overview of some terms related to professional cricket. In this article, we will analyze why the style of innings called negative bowling is boring and completely optional at games, and also explain why nets are a very important element in all cricket training.

One of the main tasks of the batting team is to make sure that the batting club scores as few runs as possible. To do this, various innings strategies have been invented in professional cricket, one of which is called negative bowling.

What is the point? If you look from the bowler’s side, the playing field is divided into two sides: on the left – off side, on the right – leg side. So, the balls, when serving negative bowling, fly to the batsman on the leg side. With such throws, the player with the bat needs to try as much as possible to make a high-quality hit (an uncomfortable position). Accordingly, if the ball is not hit, there will be no set of runs. This is the meaning of such innings.

Negative bowling is more popular at test matches. For batsmen, the main disadvantage in such innings is that they are continuous; that is, several overs can be served in a row. How to replay such a style of throws? The most important thing is the endurance of the player with the bat. Yes, the batsman will not be able to earn many runs. But, if he is calm and tries to just hit the pitches, he will soon achieve his goal, and the bowler will definitely change the style of throws.

In addition, negative bowling is unpleasant not only for the batting club. If the negative bowling period starts in the match, it means that the game will become boring. Naturally, most fans always want a bright match. Therefore, if a bowler often uses such a technique in the game, he risks becoming the antihero of the match.

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