Full length

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Full length

In professional cricket, all innings are tied under line and length. It depends on them where the ball will fly and where it will land on the pitch.

The line will determine the ball’s trajectory (left or right, measured from the player’s position with the bat). If the bowler focuses on the line when throwing, he can force the batsman to perform only certain strokes, that is, limits his actions.

You can predict where and to what height the ball will fly after bouncing off the pitch, thanks to length. Length is basically divided into three parts:

  • Short;
  • Good;
  • Full.

With a short throw, the ball bounces closer from the bowler’s pitch, with a full throw – closer to the batsman. Thanks to various bounces, the bowler can test the player with the bat. So, with short innings, the ball bounces to a sufficiently high length (above the player’s belt with the bat). If you throw balls at the batsman for a long time like this and then abruptly make a full length, then the player with the bat may get confused and not have time to prepare for a high-quality strike. Using full length, the batsman’s weight is transferred to the back leg. If he misses the ball, the player risks being knocked out of the game.

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Nisha Bhavani
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