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We continue our acquaintance with popular terms in cricket. A bye is a type of extra run that a team gains even though the batsman didn’t hit the ball or the shot didn’t hit the athlete’s body.

Bye:basic value

In this sport, it is customary to see that the balls flying past the batsmen confidently fix the wicket-keepers unless, of course, an unpleasant rebound happened along the way. Thus, batsmen are deprived of the opportunity to recruit early before being stumped or run out by the wicket-keeper. But if the wicket-keepers can’t lock the ball, then the batsmen have a chance to pick up early. However, points do not count towards individual player statistics. Cricket is a team sport, so it is more important to add runs to the total score.

The referee raises his hand upright with the palm open to inform the player about the bye. Cricketers distinguish bye from out because of the palm.

Bye: best player

Denis Lindsay, who played for the South African national team, conceded the least byes in test matches. He missed 20 byes in 15 matches, and this cricketer had no byes at all in 4 matches. Strong keepers usually get 3-4 byes per match.

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