Vijay Hazare Trophy

Full Current Name: Mastercard Vijay Hazare trophy, Ranji One-Day Trophy
Tournament Country: India
Tournament Administrator: Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)
Cricket Forms: Limited Overs
Current Champion: Saurashtra cricket team
Nearest Tournament: 12 November 2022 - 2 December 2022
Format Tournament: Round-robin then knockout
Numbers Of Team: 38
Vijay Hazare Trophy

Vijay Hazare Trophy: Limited Overs cricket home tour in India

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Vijay Hazare Trophy

The Vijay Hazare Trophy championship appeared in the country in 1993. Then it was called as Ranji One Day Trophy. The modern name appeared only in 2002. The championship is held in a format with a limited number of overs. Thirty-eight professional teams take part in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Teams compete in the fall. Tamil Nadu cricket team has the highest number of championship wins (5). We have prepared for you a review article about the popular domestic cricket championship.

Vijay Hazare Trophy – what is important to know

The real championship would not have taken place without the Board of Control for Cricket in India. This is the national Sports Council, which oversees the conduct of all cricket competitions in the country. BCCI was formed in 1928. The Ranji Trophy is the 1st first-class championship, which the Board formed in 1934. As of 2021, there are about 12 such various sports competitions. Among them is the Vijay Hazare Trophy.

In 1993, the BCCI decided to create a new championship, which would be held in a format with a limited number of overs. This means that one match will last not 3-5 days (as in first-class games), but only a day (maximum 8 hours). Two innings of 40-60 overs are played in one game. By the way, since 2006, the International Cricket Council has attributed this format of the game to the category called List A. This includes one-day international and various domestic matches.

Initially, the domestic championship was called the Ranji One Day Trophy (and the first-class tournament is simply called the Ranji Trophy). In the period from 1993-2002, the competition was held inside five game zones, without a playoff round. That is, there was no one winner of the Ranji One Day Trophy. For nine years, the following teams became the best clubs:

Season Playing Zones
Central East North South West
1993-1994 Uttar Pradesh Bengal Haryana Karnataka Bombay (Mumbai)
1994-1995 Madhya Pradesh Bengal Punjab Hyderabad Maharashtra
1995-1996 Uttar Pradesh Bengal Haryana Karnataka Bombay
1996-1997 Madhya Pradesh Assam Delhi Tamil Nadu Mumbai
1997-1998 Madhya Pradesh Bengal Delhi Tamil Nadu Mumbai
1998-1999 Madhya Pradesh Bengal Punjab Karnataka Mumbai
1999-2000 Madhya Pradesh Bengal Delhi Tamil Nadu Mumbai
2000-2001 Madhya Pradesh Orissa Punjab Tamil Nadu Mumbai
2001-2002 Railways Orissa Punjab Karnataka Mumbai

In 2003, the tournament was renamed to its current name – Vijay Hazare Trophy.

Vijay Hazare Trophy – what is important to know

Vijay Hazare Trophy – championship format and the most titled clubs

The popular tournament is named after a former professional player – Vijay Samuel Hazare. He was the captain of India in the 1950s. In 1952, under his leadership, India won a test match against England for the first time. The last sports club of Vijay was the Holkar team (now Madhya Pradesh).

Since 2002, playoff matches have been appearing in the championship. The format of the Vijay Hazare Trophy has been changing for several years. In 2015, the season with zonal groups was held for the last time: the two best teams from the Central Zone, East Zone and South Zone, got directly into the 1/4 finals. And two clubs from the North Zone and West Zone competed against each other in the preliminary quarterfinals. As a result, eight professional teams entered the elimination round.

To date, the format of the tournament is held in the following form (2019-2020):

Group A (9 teams) Group B (9 teams) Group C (10 teams) Plate Group (10 teams)
The top 5 clubs from the two groups go to the playoffs. The last two teams go to group C. The top 2 teams go to the playoffs and, respectively, they are transferred to A and B, the last team is transferred to the Plate Group. The 1st place goes directly to the playoffs and plays in Group C next season.

Then the playoff round begins with the 1/4 final, in which eight teams participate.

By the way, due to COVID-19, the extreme season of the championship was held in a shortened format. In addition, instead of 4, there were six groups, where each team entered the playoffs differently.

Vijay Hazare Trophy – championship format and the most titled clubs

In 2021, the final match of the Vijay Hazare Trophy was won by the Mumbai cricket team. Let’s make a rating of teams, according to the number of championship titles:

  1. Tamil Nadu cricket team – 5 wins, the last in 2017;
  2. Mumbai cricket team – 4 wins, the last in 2021;
  3. Karnataka cricket team – 4 wins, the last in 2020;
  4. Gujarat cricket team – 1 win in 2016;
  5. Delhi cricket team – 1 win in 2013;
  6. Bengal cricket team – 1 win in 2012;
  7. Jharkhand cricket team – 1 win in 2011;
  8. Saurashtra cricket team – 1 win in 2008;
  9. Railways cricket team – 1 win in 2006;
  10. Uttar Pradesh – 1 victory in 2005.

In the entire history of the championship, only in 2005, the final ended in a draw. The tournament was won jointly by Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

We think the spread of the COVID-19 virus will soon decrease, and all internal competitions will be held in full!

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