Puducherry cricket team

Team Country: India
Team City: Puducherry, India
Team Administrator: Cricket Association of Puducherry
Founded (Year): 2018
Coach: Dishant Yagnik
Captain: Damodaren Rohit
Forms of Cricket: First-Class Limited Overs Twenty20
Puducherry cricket team

Puducherry cricket team: competitions

Puducherry cricket team: First-Class Cricket Competitions

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Puducherry cricket team: Limited Overs Cricket Competitions

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Puducherry cricket team - young club

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Puducherry cricket team

The Puducherry cricket team is a sports club that has been playing professionally since 2018. The collective represents the union territory of Puducherry, with a population of 1 million people. The club competes in 3 famous tournaments: Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, and Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. Unfortunately, to date, the cricket team has neither championship titles nor its home stadium on its account. We hope that these problems will be solved soon. Get acquainted with a brief overview of a professional cricket club.

Puducherry cricket team – debut performances

The Cricket Association of Puducherry (CAP) is a sports organization responsible for cricket throughout the union territory of Puducherry. CAP was formed in 2003. Initially, the company was part of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association. And since 2018, CAP has been a separate full member of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. This gives the local Association the right to field a sports team for various professional cricket tournaments. So in 2018, Puducherry debuted at 3 national championships.

The Ranji Trophy is a first-class cricket championship with matches lasting up to 5 days. The tournament itself was organized in 1934.

In its 1st season, the club from Puducherry performed very well. The debut game took place against the Meghalaya cricket team (due to rain, the match ended ahead of schedule without a winner).

By the way, the 2nd match against the club from Bihar State was also not finished. Finally, the team achieved its 1st victory in the 3rd game against the Mizoram cricket team. As a result of the Ranji Trophy, the Puducherry cricket team won 4 matches out of 8 and placed in 3rd place in the plate group (a group for new teams).

The club performed even better in the next playing season (2019-2020). Out of 9 matches, the team won 7. Plus, the team drew one game. As a result, the players from Puducherry, with a gap of 48 points, took a worthy 2nd place in the plate group.

As you know, 2020 was the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, the 2020-2021 Ranji Trophy season was cancelled. However, other professional tournaments were held, but in a short format.

Puducherry cricket team – debut performances

Puducherry cricket team – participation in other championships

The Vijay Hazare Trophy is the 2nd professional tournament in which a local team from the union territory of Puducherry has been competing since 2018. The tournament has been held in India since 1993 in a format with a limited number of overs (matches last only a day, and two innings of 40-60 overs are played). Unlike the Ranji Trophy, the team won its debut match here. The Manipur cricket team turned out to be the losing side.

At the end of the tournament, the Puducherry cricket team won 5 out of 8 matches, allowing it to take 3rd place out of 9 possible in the plate group.

At the championship in 2019-2020, the club performed even better. The team reached the playoff stage for the first time in history:

  • At the group stage, the team won 7 matches and, from 1st place, advanced to the elimination round;
  • Unfortunately, immediately in the 1/4 finals, the team lost to the Karnataka cricket team and was eliminated from the tournament.

Puducherry cricket team – participation in other championships

The last draw of the Vijay Hazare Trophy due to COVID-19 was held in a short format. Here, the Puducherry cricket team was in Group D, in which, according to the results of the championship, it took the last 6th place.

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy is the 3rd professional tournament played by a local team. The championship is held in a format with a limited number of overs but in the form of Twenty20 (matches last a maximum of 3 hours, and two innings of 20 overs are played). Of the 3 championships, the debut participation in this tournament was the most disastrous: the team played in Group E, where out of 7 matches, it won only one. As a result, it finished the season in the penultimate 7th place.

The following year, the team improved the situation. Out of 7 games, the Puducherry club won 4 matches (as a result, 5th place out of 8 in Group D). In the last draw (2020-2021), the club won only 2 games and took 4th place out of 6 in Group E.

According to all the results, one can trace that the most successful performances were obtained at the Vijay Hazare Trophy. We wish the club professional growth and a taste of the final victory as soon as possible!

Nisha Bhavani
Author: Nisha Bhavani Position: Cricket Expert

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