Jammu and Kashmir cricket team

Team Country: India
Team City: Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir
Team Administrator: Jammu & Kashmir Cricket Association
Founded (Year): 1959
Home Ground: Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium, Srinagar
Home Ground: Gandhi Memorial Science College Ground, Jammu
Captain: Shubham Pundir
Forms of Cricket: First-Class Limited Overs Twenty20
Jammu and Kashmir cricket team

Jammu and Kashmir cricket team: competitions

Jammu and Kashmir cricket team: First-Class Cricket Competitions

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Jammu and Kashmir cricket team: Limited Overs Cricket Competitions

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Jammu and Kashmir cricket team: Twenty20 Cricket Competitions

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Jammu and Kashmir cricket team: Indian professional cricket team

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Jammu and Kashmir cricket team

The Indian cricket team Jammu and Kashmir was formed in 1959 on the union territory (there are 8 in the country) with the same name Jammu and Kashmir. The team plays in three domestic championships: Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy and Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. He plays home matches at the Sher-i-Kashmir stadium. In addition, there is also the 2nd significant platform – GGM Science College Jammu in the team’s history. Unfortunately, in 62 years, the Jammu and Kashmir have not had a single championship title. In this article, we highlight all the important moments in the life of a professional team.

Jammu and Kashmir cricket team: history

The Jammu and Kashmir is a union territory of India with a population of 12.5 million. Sports such as football, cricket, golf and winter games are highly respected in the region. The Jammu and Kashmir has trained many international and national players.

Cricket is the second most popular sport after football. The first cricket team was formed in 1959. All its activities are managed by the local sports body – the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association. The organization is a member of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, where it is a full member of the Board.

Back in 1934, a first-class cricket championship, the Ranji Trophy, was organized in the country. The Jammu and Kashmir cricket team participated in it in the 1st year of its foundation. The team completely failed the debut season. At the end of the tournament, he was in the last place in the Northern Zone, not gaining a single point during the season.

Unfortunately, a cricket club could not win a single sports match for more than two decades. Finally, the long-awaited victory came in the 1982-1983 season, when the players beat the Services cricket team by four wickets.

Already at the beginning of the 21st century, the Jammu and Kashmir looked much better. In 2001, the club finished 3rd in the group stage and was unusually able to advance to the playoffs. But, the team lost immediately in the 1/8 finals to the Odisha cricket team.

In their last season at the 2019-2020 Ranji Trophy (since the tournament was not held in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic), the team took 1st place in group C! This result allowed them to go back to the 1/4 round of the playoffs, which they lost to the Karnataka cricket team.

Jammu and Kashmir cricket team history

Jammu and Kashmir cricket team – access to other tournaments

Another professional cricket tournament called Ranji One Day was formed in India in 1993. It is a one-day match format with limited overs. In 2002 changed to the Vijay Hazare Trophy. During this period, play-off rounds appeared at the tournament (until 2002 there were none, the top 5 teams from 5 playing zones were considered the winners of the championship). The Jammu and Kashmir cricket team finished in 4th place out of 6 in Group E in the last season in March 2021 note that only the Ranji Trophy was not held).

Also, the Indian team has been participating in another popular tournament since 2006- the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. It is the same format for one-day matches, but with fewer overs (two innings of 20 overs are played in total). In its last season, the team was in Group A, where it took 3rd place at the end of the championship.

Jammu and Kashmir cricket team - access to other tournaments

There are several famous and professional players in the history of the Jammu and Kashmir cricket team. They all play or have played for the local cricket club.

  • Ian Dev Singh;
  • Parveez Rasool;
  • Mithun Manhas;
  • Abid Nabi;
  • Abdul Samad.

Yes, the team has not had a single significant sporting trophy for 62 years. However, this does not mean that the team will not succeed in the future. We wish the club success and the earliest first championship call!

Nisha Bhavani
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