Bowling action or action

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Bowling action or action

This expression in cricket refers to a set of movements that cause the bowler to release the ball towards the batsman. For bowling action or action to be successful, you need to maintain a balance of movements, be well prepared physically, and be able to play in a narrow corridor directed towards the batsman.

Bowled around the legs: the basic meaning

There are standard approaches to bowling action or action. They are described in cricket textbooks. However, as practice shows, standard approaches should become only a basic basis for players. The leading modern players have their own experience, thanks to which they differ from others. In cricket, the hitters have the advantage. They can get a lot of runs. So the main task in bowling action or action is to deprive the opponent of the scope for action.

Bowling action or action: sequence of movements

Bowling action or action starts with overclocking. It will differ depending on the style of the player: fast, middle or spin bowler. However, there are identical settings for players of different classifications:

  • When swinging the arms, the player should keep the balance. Otherwise, the throw may be technically incorrect.
  • Bowling action or action should be performed sequentially.
  • At the time of the throw, the back and front feet must be in line. When taking a run, you need to start with short steps, gradually increasing their length.
  • It is best to run with support on your heels, leaning slightly forward. You can also help running with your hands. Sometimes these movements are useful to hide the grip from the batsman.
  • Chest on bowlers prefers to throw through the crease. This technique increases the speed of the ball. Most bowlers act more like javelin throwers. They throw the ball between front foot contact and point of release causing. Thus, the throw has a whip like effect.

From the swinging position to the throwing position, the athlete goes through the jump. At the same time, it should not be high, otherwise, the cricketer risks losing momentum. The chest on bowler especially doesn’t require a big jump. Side on bowlers usually try to pay more attention to this element, so their jump is higher.

An important element in cricket is the delivery swing. This movement begins when the back foot begins to move and the front foot lands on the field.

Bowlers need to keep both feet aligned with the back and hips. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury. Players in this position manage to make such a movement in one of the following positions, depending on the technique that you use:

  • You can place your unstressed hand in front of your head. Thus, the shoulders and hips run parallel to each other.
  • You can put your back foot between the side on and chest on position.

If the back leg is parallel to the bowling crease, there is a chance of knee flexion and loss of momentum.

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