Point Of Release

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Point Of Release

Point Of Release is a term from cricket that characterizes the point of release of the ball or the moment when the bowler releases it from his hand, which is the final stage of the throw (bowling).

The mechanics of point of release are as follows:

  • the bowler accelerates to create an impulse for a high-quality throw;
  • the final jerk/ jump occurs simultaneously with the loss of contact with the ground with the hind leg while the ball leaves the thrower’s hand.

The player raises his arm above the shoulder level during the swing and releases the projectile into the air. The release point differs depending on the type of feed.

The arm must be rigid, not bent, while the wrist, on the contrary, is loose to ensure smooth release of the ball and create the necessary rebound from the plane. Otherwise, it will not look like a pitch but a throw.

For fast bowlers, when the ball is released, the back of the hand will be facing away from the batsman. The front of the wrist and the tips of the index and middle fingers point to the target. For spin bowlers, the wrist may be at different angles at the point of release. This is because some players are trying to create resistance on one side of the ball rather than direct it directly towards the player with the bat.

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