Leg glance

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Leg glance

In cricket, there are many variations on how the batsman can hit the ball. The athlete decides on the move, assessing the situation on the field, the type of throw of the bowler and the effectiveness of the technique he will be using. Some options for hits are more common, and we can see them on the field quite often. Others are rarer due to the complexity of execution. But determining the degree of difficulty is primarily the task of batsmen, and now we will talk about a shot called the leg glance.

In this article, you will learn what this type of shot means and how the batsman performs it. In addition, we will discuss what can happen if the batsman fails to execute leg glance incorrectly.

Leg glance in cricket: definition, hitting technique

Before proceeding to the leg glance shot technique description, it is necessary to give a short definition of this concept.

Leg glance is a side shot delivered to the ball that moves towards the batsman’s pads. It is used to deflect the ball to the side.

The video hosting YouTube has visual videos showing Leg glance. To understand how this type of shot is performed, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the video content.

Now let’s get down to an overview of the leg glance technique in text format. Here’s a quick rundown of what a batsman must do to hit correctly:

  • Lean forward towards the line of the ball with your head and front shoulder.
  • The weight should be transferred to the front foot with the front foot slightly open.
  • Slide the front foot back towards the body. This will help the head move into the ball.
  • Hit the ball in a straight line with the bat, turning the face slightly after contact.
  • Making sure your head is over the ball, and your weight is on your front foot will help keep the ball on the ground.
  • Make sure he is in complete control of the situation. It achieves by focusing on the role of the top hand.

If we briefly retell the leg glance technique in the form of text, then it looks like this. But we still strongly recommend that you check out the video where it is demonstrated.

Leg glance in cricket: definition, hitting technique

Leg glance in cricket: what problems can arise if the shot is not used correctly

Everything does not always go according to plan, and even professional athletes make mistakes that do not affect the result in the best way.

Leg glance, despite its apparent simplicity, is very difficult to perform. Playing it incorrectly can lead to problems.

Now we will tell you what errors can lead to potential complications:

  • The batsman misidentified the delivery line. Accordingly, it is difficult to hit the ball in such a situation. It means that LBW will most likely be applied, and the batsman will be fired.
  • The batsman covered his bat face too early. If this happens while executing a hit, leading edges producing catching opportunities may appear.

Also, there is always a human factor that will eventually lead to the wrong execution of the blow.

Now you know the basics of the term leg glance and how this shot is performed. Do you keen on watching its performance on the cricket field? Tell us about your feelings about the leg glance in the comments below.

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