Forward defence

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Forward defence

To hit the batting ball well and strongly, each batsman uses a different technique. Therefore, forward defense or forward defensive is an important part when playing cricket. Forward defense can be called a strike, which is quite often used in matches.

The main purpose of such a strike is to block the ball and not to gain runs. However, there are times when a player with a bat manages to earn one run when hitting the ball with a forward defense strike.

In an innings, bowlers try to knock out a player with a bat by serving the ball to the height of the wicket. Especially for such serves, a stand and a forward defense strike were invented at the same time. To accurately make such a blow, it is necessary to perform all the elements correctly:

  • Keep your head in line with the ball;
  • Transfer all the power to the bat;
  • Do not hit the ball with the bat. Here it is important that the ball itself hit it;
  • Tilt the bat to the ground. This is done so that the ball cannot gain height after the rebound.

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Nisha Bhavani
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