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This term refers to the type of bat hitting the ball. Square-cut refers to horizontal strike types used if a bowler sends a short ball, the trajectory and flight characteristics of which differ from what serves are made by fast bowlers and spinners.

What is a Square-cut in cricket, and how to execute this kick

Square-cut is a ball strike performed with a horizontal position of the bat. In order to perform it, the batsman transfers the weight of the body to the standing leg behind.

In general, the term cut denotes a blow that is performed crosswise and directed towards the off side. When batting, the batsman basically redirects the ball using the force put into the throw by the bowler.

The batsman performs Square-cut if the bowler performs a short serve towards the outside off stump. This type of strike allows a batsman to perform a powerful strike with minimal power costs and thereby earn a lot of runs.

However, this type of strike is considered quite risky because an error can lead to the batsman’s dismissal.

This strike is performed as follows:

  1. The leg standing behind is pulled back a little more towards the wicket’s stumps, the foot is placed across the line, along which the ball is flying.
  2. The shoulder that the batsman puts forward turns towards the off side, the bat is simultaneously pulled back.
  3. To hit the ball, the batsman lowers the bat horizontally in relation to the line of movement of the ball and, when striking, fully straightens his arms. At the same time, the head remains motionless; the wrists turn forward so that the ball remains at the bottom.
  4. When performing a blow, all the weight is transferred to the leg standing behind, and after performing the blow, the bat is placed on the shoulder exposed forward.

What is the peculiarity of Square-cut compared to other types of strokes

This type of strike refers to the so-called horizontal bat strike. As a rule, most of the strikes are made using the vertical position of the bat, which is turned broad side to the ball. Techniques in which the bat is positioned horizontally can also be quite effective, although they are used much less often. All cut type strikes are performed when the bat is in a horizontal position. The same type of strikes includes square drive, sweep, pull and hock.

The disadvantage of horizontal strokes compared to vertical ones is that, in this case, the batsman has a much greater chance of not hitting the ball. Therefore, confident players use this kick and, as a rule, in cases when the ball does not threaten to destroy the wicket.

Square-cut is one of the most useful batting techniques that every player who is aiming for the top league needs to master. This technique is used quite regularly and is outwardly familiar to every cricket fan who watches matches. Square-cut can be found in the arsenal of such players like Sachin Tendulkar, Alastair Cook, Rahul Dravid, Gundappa Viswanath and Brendon McCullum.

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