Cameo in Cricket

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Cameo in cricket

In cricket, there are a large number of versatile strokes on the ball with the bat. In this article, we will reveal such a blow as a cameo. If you choose a synonym, then the word episode (something short) will fit well. Therefore, the word cameo can still be used as a prefix, for example cameo-time or cameo-inning, that is, a fast time or inning.

Cameo mean brief but quick-scoring innings
Cameo mean brief but quick-scoring innings

Cameo: general information

However, mostly cameo refers to batsmen. If a player with a bat hits the ball short and fast – it is considered that he has committed a cameo. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of such a strike:

  • Cameo is more like a roulette game. The strike consists in the fact that the batsman gets rid of the ball as quickly as possible, hits it as it turns out. If we give an example, we believe that football is well suited for this, especially street football. Surely you could observe how some players, when receiving the ball, try to simply hit it in any direction, just to get rid of the ball and drive it away from their goal. So it is in cricket. Therefore, on the one hand, a batsman can make a cool hit and knock the ball out of the field (thereby getting big scores), and on the other hand, it is so ridiculous to hit the ball that it will immediately fall into the hands of fielders and the batsman will leave the game;
  • Of course, for the audience, such blows bring joy and delight, regardless of the outcome of the moment;
  • Since cameo is a very risky strike, a cricketer can become both the match’s hero and the worst player of the competition.
Shahid Afridi
Shahid Afridi – is a bright representative of cameo style cricket

Cameo: a strike of a famous player

One of the most famous players who hit balls in the cameo style is considered to be a Pakistani cricketer – Shahid Afridi. He is considered one of the most popular cricketers of all time. Shahid became a celebrity because of his style of play. Almost always, his punches are very aggressive and attack-oriented. For this reason, the Indian player – Ravi Shastri, called the Pakistani by the nickname boom-boom.

What else is Shahid Afridi famous for:

  1. Out of the seven fastest sets of 100 runs at One Day International, Shahid is the author of 3;
  2. In August 2017, in his 256th Twenty20 match, the Pakistani crossed the bar for the first time in 100 runs (101) in this format. He played for Hampshire County Cricket Club against Derbyshire County Cricket Club;
  3. He is also the record holder for the most wickets scored (40) as a captain at T20I;
  4. In 2021, he holds the record for the number of sixes scored per stroke (351). Chris Gayle is in 2nd place with 331 sixes.

In addition to sporting achievements, in 2014, Shahid Afridi established his own foundation to sponsor medical and educational institutions in Pakistan. In 2015, DoSomething magazine (USA) named the player one of the most charitable athletes in the world.

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Cameo in Cricket: what you need to know

What is cameo in cricket?

By definition, cameo in cricket - brief but quick-scoring innings.

Some of the alternative cameo names?

It often called Botham Cameo, Gilchrist Cameo, Sehwag Cameo, and The Pietersen Cameo

Who was the most famous cricketer which play like cameo?

The most famous cricket player to be a maverick to this type of innings is Shahid Afridi. He played cameo innings all his life.

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