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The phrase milking or milk the bowling has a symbolic meaning. In cricket, it means that the batsman constantly earns many injuries without much risk to himself or the team. Milking is mainly used on matches with limited overs. How does this happen?

Of course, for the batsman to be able to earn wounds safely, the opponent’s mistake is necessary. For example, a bad bowler throw. In the event of a poor-quality throw, the batsman has a unique opportunity to knock the ball as far as possible from the pitch. While it is being delivered back, earn many runs by circular dashes from one wicket to the second. Also, the quality of the feed is affected by the state of the pitch. The batsman must be careful and always predict the throw the bowler will take under different pitch conditions.

There is another positive point for the batsman. To get milking, the batsman can catch outfield players misplaced on the playing field. In the glossary of cricket terms, there is even a special phrase mis-field, which, in essence, denotes the incorrect placement of field players. And to minimize this, the basic positions of field players were invented in professional cricket (information about positions can be found on other pages of our site).

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Nisha Bhavani
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