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A cricket match is not a fleeting event. If it is held in the format of One Day International, then it lasts several hours. If this is a test meeting, then it takes place over several days. Naturally, the players need a break, and dinner usually means a second break during the day.

Dinner: the basic meaning

Cricket matches tend to run longer than matches in other sports, so the International Cricket Council has specific rules regarding breaks:

  • Players can rest for 10 minutes between innings.
  • Break for tea and drinks should not exceed 20 minutes.
  • Dinner lasts up to 40 minutes. Usually, the maximum time is given to players in test matches. Especially if they are played on a day/night basis, partially under artificial lighting at night.

The team captains determine all pauses in the match at the start. This usually happens after warm-up and before throwing a coin to determine who will serve the ball first.

Dinner: features

Sometimes dinner is delayed. There are several reasons for this:

  • Falling wicket just before dinner.
  • After nine wickets have fallen, the participants in the match may agree to pause after the end of the inning. However, the maximum dinner delay can be a maximum of 30 minutes.

If the match takes place in hot weather conditions, then an additional five-minute break is assigned for taking water in each inning.

In general, dinner is considered the most popular and enjoyable break for cricketers. The organizers of a match or tournament offer to taste delicious meat (the players like lamb and chicken most of all), put a lot of vegetables and fruits on the table. Musicians are often invited to such events who perform their works in a live format. Despite the short duration of dinner, the cricketers have time to recover and relax. After a pause, they can again demonstrate a high level of play after a pause.

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