Perfume ball

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Perfume ball

Perfume ball is a type of fast bowl (“blow through”). Its feature is the highest speed, the result of which is the bounce of the ball, passing a few inches from the batsman’s face. The projectile flies so close that it is said that the batsman can “smell it.” However, this kind of situation can only arise on the serve of the most skilled hard and fastball bowlers.

If the bowler is truly in tune with the perfume ball, then he needs more than just the right delivery technique. Let’s be honest, in addition to constant practice and perseverance, there must be a certain amount of luck in the pitcher’s throw. A bowler who can serve an ace is considered a valuable asset to any team.

If the bowler tunes in to the perfume ball, then the batsman has real problems: the batsman has to put in as much effort as possible to make the hit. To do this, the batsman will need an express analysis of what is happening, extreme concentration and perfect movements.

An inexperienced batsman may end up getting hit by the ball, while a seasoned cricketer will try to deflect as far as possible from the ball.

Bowlers capable of the perfume ball are considered rare fast bowlers. In this regard, a batsman should prepare in advance for such an opponent, disassemble his style and serving technique. It will not be superfluous to create a game plan, develop a defense strategy because otherwise he will be knocked out of the game.

In this case, we can draw an analogy with baseball, where the batsman, unable to hit the ball or dodge it, ends up taking the hit. In any case, the team loses the opportunity to earn points.

True, there is a possibility that the opponent’s perfume ball can become an advantage for the batsman. If the batsman manages to hit the ball, then the projectile will be far on the field, thereby allowing him to score the maximum points. In this regard, the bowler should also pay attention to his opponent and, if necessary, use a different type of serve.

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