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This term refers to a run that is not earned by hitting the ball with a bat. In this case, a point is awarded to the team. The word sundry is often used instead of extra in England and Australia. A game that has a large number of wounds in this way is considered untidy bowling.

Extra: the basic meaning

In all cases, the bowler’s actions contribute to earned runs. Extra is divided into five types depending on the situation on the field:

  • No-ball (nb). The referee may declare no-ball if the bowler commits a fault at the time of the service. A frequent problem for the player serving the ball is crossing the crease threshold. In this case, the batting side gets the point.
  • Wide (w or wd). The bowler may throw the ball faraway from the batsman, which is illegal. Also, the bowler has to be careful during the throw. For example, it is impossible to touch a part of the opponent’s body by inertia.
  • Penalty run (pen). The batting side is penalized for various types of foul play or unsportsmanlike behavior on the opponent’s part. If the technique is successful, the command can also type extra.
  • Bye (b). The referee uses this word when the ball does not touch the protective structure or any part of the batsman’s body after the bowler’s serve.
  • Leg bye (lb). If the batsman is holding the bat and is ready to hit the ball, the bowler purposefully shoots the ball into the player’s body. An exception is if the projectile lands in the area of ​​the hands.

Extra: records

The largest number of extras was recorded in the test match between India and Pakistan in 2007. The teams had 76 runs for two: 15 no balls, 35 byes, 26 leg byes.

In the One Day International format, the record is shared by two matches in which 59 extra runs were recorded:

  • Without the participation of the bat, there were so many points in the match between Pakistan and the West Indies in 1989.
  • Pakistan played against Scotland as part of the World Cup in 1999.

In the Twenty20 International format, personal statistics are kept for players. The record-holder is Pakistani Lahore Eagles with 40 extra.

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