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It is easier for the batsman to play when a weak bowler directs the ball in his direction. Some batsmen are sneaky and try to leave their area before the bowler serves. Such actions are called dobbing, and there is also a synonym for them – mankad.

Dobbing: the basic meaning

The fact is that this method was used by the player from India, Vinoo Mankad, who played at a high level from 1946 to 1959. During his career, he played 44 Test matches. In a duet with compatriot Pankaj Roy Mankad, he scored 413 runs per match, which was a record for 52 years. Vinoo entered the International Cricket Council Hall of Fame in June 2021.

It is now customary to separate the dobbing from run-outs. Basically, a similar method is used in matches that are played in halls. Most often, examples of such a game can be found in the Lancashire County Meetings.

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