Slip catching cradle

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Slip catching cradle

Slip catching cradle is a simulator used by cricketers to practice the movement of catching a thrown ball.

According to archival information, the device has more than a century of history. For the first time, a simulator of this kind is mentioned in the notes of the Reverend Father Gilbert Harrison Bartlett, who is considered its founding father. The only goal and task of the device were and still remain to help players improve the technique of catching the ball in motion.

The traditional device resembles a long frame consisting of 18 curved slats fixed on a metal frame. The slats are made of weather-resistant wood, which ensures the long-term operation of the simulator.

Of course, this equipment can hardly be called modern, but its effectiveness has been tested over time. At the moment, the slip catching cradle is almost the only device that develops the skill of catching the ball, so it should be in the arsenal of any club coach. It should be understood that today both traditional simulators and their more modified versions are used. Although we will not hide that modern training methods are gradually leading to a reduction in the use of slip catching cradle in the training process. At the same time, the advantages of using an authentic device are undeniable.

  • first, the old-fashioned simulator is simple to use on an intuitive level;
  • secondly, its operation is much simpler than more modern alternatives – it is unpretentious and affordable.

However, it should be understood that both traditional and modern training equipment have their disadvantages and advantages.

Many cricketers still resort to traditional simulators that can last for many years. However, modern versions are more portable and mobile, so the range of their application is wider.

Considering that all devices perform the same function, the difference is only in the choice of approach to the training process.

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Nisha Bhavani
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