Slog overs

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Slog overs

Slog overs (also Death overs) are the final overs of the teams in the last inning, during which the batting side acts as aggressively as possible to score the necessary points by completing as many runs as possible. The term Slog overs is used applicable to matches that take place in the format of limited overs.

As a rule, Slog overs are the last five to ten overs of the final inning. It is this segment of the match that can be called the most spectacular since the batting team is ready to go to any tricks in order to get ahead in the score. So, batsmen are more willing to use unorthodox strikes to score Six, starting with directing the ball into unprotected gaps and ending with exhausting fielders. At the same time, even the most skilled players with a bat often sacrifice the game’s beauty in favor of a quick set of points.

It is noteworthy that during Slog overs, the field team actually goes into the category of defending. Its main task at this stage is to minimize the number of runs performed by the enemy. To do this, captains often have to urgently change the location of field players on the field for additional insurance of those areas that remain unprotected.

In fact, Slog overs can be called a test for both teams: batters must improve their Run rate in a short time, while fielders are required to demonstrate collective mutual understanding and the ability to rebuild, quickly closing problem areas. As for the bowlers, their work during Slog overs also cannot be overestimated since it is their endurance, composure and accuracy that largely determines whether the batters will be able to get ahead.

To help his team, a bowler in such a situation should avoid Half-volley innings, if possible complicating the ball’s trajectory, so as not to allow the batsman to make a Six on the move. Last but not least, this is why the captain can put one of the slow bowlers on the Slog overs, who not only knows how to adjust the serve speed well, but also has the necessary arsenal of deceptive movements that can confuse even the best batsmen.

Currently, the top five T20 bowlers who demonstrate the most impressive results during Slog overs include:

  1. Kagiso Rabada (South Africa). The South African’s progress is so obvious that many experts are already ready to include him among the best T20 players of all time. Last but not least, it was thanks to his efforts that the Delhi Capitals made it to the finals of the Indian Premier League for the first time in 2020, and this is clearly not the limit. The player has an impressive arsenal of strikes, including yorkers on Slog overs, which makes him an indispensable member of the team.
  2. Chris Morris (South Africa). Despite numerous calls to pay attention to the national team, Morris managed to achieve considerable success primarily in T20. His recent performances in the BBL (the second result in the league in the number of wickets taken in the 2020 season) attracted the attention of the IPL, and in 2021 Rajasthan Royals acquired him for a record amount. Like his compatriot Rabada, the South African boasts excellent statistics on Slog overs.
  3. Bhuvneshwar Kumar (India). Even though the player has been struggling with injuries in recent seasons, he is still considered one of the best “death bowlers”. Kumar is not only able to masterfully change the grip of the ball at the last moment before serving but is also very good at short serves. In addition, the Indian is the only representative of the IPL who has won the Purple cap twice (in 2016 and 2017).
  4. Jofra Archer (England). Unlike Morris, the English bowler is equally successful in games for the national team and in T20. He has 146 wickets in 115 T20 matches, many of which were taken just with the help of Slog overs since the player is not only able to give out a killer yorker at the right moment, but also knows how to provoke batsmen to make mistakes (in particular, Leg before wicket).
  5. Jasprit Bumrah (India). Many fans are sure that Bumrah is the best of the best in the game on Slog overs. And it’s not just the outstanding technical arsenal of the player, but also a unique deceptive serve with a change of angle, which very few batsmen are able to notice, despite the relatively low speed of the ball.

It is interesting: Batsmen Andre Russell (West Indies) and Hardik Pandya (India) are also considered recognized masters of Slog overs: each of them can score up to twenty-five runs in one over.

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