Economy rate

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Economy rate

This term is used by bowlers. Thanks to the economy rate, you can understand the level of the player throwing the ball. The value of this stat is especially important in matches with limited overs.

Economy rate: basic

A simple formula is used to calculate the economy rate:

  • Economy rate = Runs conceded / Overs Bowled.

The lower the indicator, the higher the level of the player. For a better understanding, let’s give an example. If a player has 40 runs out of 10.2 overs (10 overs + 2 balls), his economy will be 3.87. Let’s clarify that two balls out of six are ​​1/3 of the maximum extra total since, ideally, you can get six balls per over. It turns out that 40 needs to be divided by 10.3333.

The bowling average and strike rate data are also applied to assess the capabilities of the player throwing the ball fully. Note that byes and leg byes are not taken into account when calculating the economy rate. At the same time, the bowler may be penalized for bad shots and no-balls.

Why is the economy rate more important in limited overs matches? The bowling side (mainly the bowler) tries to limit the number of runs that the opponent can score. In this case, the time for wagering is less than in test matches. It is also important to understand that the innings end after the team has knocked out ten opposing players in the Test format. In the One Day International format, the innings are declared completed at the expiration of the specified number of overs. At the same time, the players of the serving team must try to knock out the opponent’s cricketers to earn a wicket.

Let’s note the average indicators of the economy rate as of the end of 2020 when the statistics were last updated:

  • In test matches, this figure is 2.75.
  • In the Twenty20 format, the International economy rate is kept at 7.44.
  • In the One Day International format, throwers have an average of 4.70 economy rate.

Recently, the economy rate has been increasing as the dynamism of the cricket game is growing.

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