Dibbly dobbly

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Dibbly dobbly

In every sport, players have their signature kicks. For example, Argentine footballer Lionel Messiah scores many goals with his left foot, while this event is an exception for many others. In cricket, the dibbly dobbly (also dibbly-dobbler) is the bowler throw most often used in his game.

Dibbly dobbly (also dibbly-dobbler): three values

Dibbly dobbly is a type of throw from the bowler’s side. Dibbly-dobbler is a player who makes these throws. The expression dibbly dobbly (also dibbly-dobbler) is used in cricket with three meanings:

  • Throwing without much variation, usually done by medium bowlers. The spin bowlers and fast bowlers serve more distinctive features.
  • The player who throws.
  • From the batsman side, this expression is used when the ball after dibbly dobbly is easy to hit but difficult to score for your team.

In cricket, it is important to have several different types of throws. In this case, the bowler will be able to make the task as difficult for the batsman as possible.

Nisha Bhavani
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