Find the gap

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Find the gap

The phrase to find the gap refers to the batsman. It means that if a batsman wants to earn many runs, he must find the gap between the outfield players. When a batsman finds a space and gets good hits, it usually gets the team 4 or 6 runs. And besides that, while the outfield players catch the ball, the batsman picks up wounds by running between the wickets.

In professional cricket, there are various methods for finding gaps. Finding is a very difficult task. Find the gap is especially useful in limited overs cricket. Empty spaces on the playing court allow the batsman to manipulate the field, so the player takes advantage of opportunities to score.

If space is found, it is important to get into the correct stance. The batsman must bend the front knee and hold the bat as comfortably as possible for the hit to be strong and fast. However, the location of the outfield players is constantly changing. It is important to control this moment. A professional batsman must think one step ahead (like in chess). And, of course, a lot still depends on the blow itself. Even if the batsman can find the gap, nothing will work without a good and fast hit.

This search also has its drawbacks. The bowler can also see such gaps. Therefore, he can make such a throw in his serves that the looped batsman will think that the ball will fly towards the gap when it hits, but it will turn out to be the other way around. To do this, according to experts and professional players, the player needs to constantly improve, train, improve his coordination, be able to work with any balls, regardless of their speed and trajectory.

We wrote that this term refers exclusively to batsmen at the beginning of the article. But if you look closely, the captain of the field team can find the gap. Like the bowler, he can anticipate the hit in advance and order certain outfield players to flee immediately after the hit and cover the empty seats in the stadium.

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