Bowled around the legs

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Bowled around the legs

Bowled is one of the most expected words for a bowler. It means that the player in that position has knocked out the batsman from the game. Bowled around the legs is usually said when the batsman is sent off the field after the ball has touched his leg.

Bowled around the legs: the basic meaning

The batsman’s foot touch occurs when the ball bounces off the stump and hits the kicker’s foot. In this case, the cricketers are joking: “Bowled around his legs”. Such situations arise at the moments of a leg break.

When performing a serve, the bowler launches the ball to the left and kind of flicks on it with his ring finger. In this case, it is important to place the right foot before the throw correctly. If all conditions are met, the ball will rotate counterclockwise. Then it will bounce off the field and can go either to the right or to the left side of the batsman. There is a possibility of bowled around the legs in case of a bad reaction and incorrect calculation of the course of events on the batsman’s part. Despite its relative simplicity, this is one of the most difficult spin bowler techniques.

Bowled around the legs: how to keep yourself safe?

Left-handed batsmen have a particularly hard time. They may face with bowled around the legs due to the ball going towards the bouncing foot. True, bowlers also have a hard time against left-handed batsmen because they can hit the ball well and bring points to their team. Against right-handed batsmen, you need a good concentration of attention to control all his movements, but it is easier to throw a bowled around the legs against them.

In general, bowlers often use this type of throw to get an opponent out of the game.

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