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Special rules govern clothes and equipment in cricket. Athletes wear white flannel clothes that do not restrict their movement. Long trousers are one of the important elements of the outfit. The box is a special pocket that fits under trousers to protect the genitals from a hard ball hit.

Box: the basic meaning

The box is a half-shell shaped object that fits into the front pocket of the bandage. All players on the field can use it, and the box is very important for batsmen. Otherwise, this protective item is called a protective cup or cup abdominal protector, ball box, athletic cup, protector, Hector protector.

In cricket history, there are cases when athletes were seriously injured and even died from blows to different parts of the body (especially) the head. This is because the cricket ball is large enough (23 centimeters in circumference), and due to the fact that the throws are made from a short distance, the ball’s flight speed sometimes exceeds 150 km / h. It is not for nothing that even professionals can use a different projectile in training. For example, children starting to play cricket play a tennis ball. Ribbon or tape is used to cover part of the ball to simulate some of the characteristics of a cricket projectile.

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